3 Upgradable BGMI gun skins as rare as M416 Glacier in 2022

Since its launch, BGMI has reached great levels of popularity thanks to the enthralling Battle Royale gaming experience it gives its players. Created by Krafton players, the gaming experience is enhanced with the introduction of brand new models, cosmetics, and events and other elements within the game.

Gun skins are one of some of the items most wanted on Battlegrounds Mobile India. While some skins for guns are simple to redeem and use, some aren’t so easy to find and only a small percentage of players within the community own them.

This is especially true if the guns can be upgraded and requires a large quantity of UC to acquire. One gun skin which is acquired for no cost is that of the Glacier M416. But it is true that even the Glacier M416 skin can be quite uncommon to find.

3 upgradeable BGMI gun skins 2022.

1) Snowcapped Berg – SKS skin

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The Snowcapped Berg SKS is the most recent upgradeable gun skin that was made available to BGMI. The skin is the most elegant to put on SKS. Upgradeable to Level 5, only a handful of YouTubers have invested hundreds of millions UC to acquire the gun skin, showing its rarity.

The final version that is The Snowcapped Berg SKS skin shows the gorgeous mix of gold and the hues of the Hexcrystals that are within the game.

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2.) Glided Jade DP 28 skin

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It is believed that the Glided Jade DP 28 skin was introduced in BGMI only a few days ago and is now rare since it is unlikely to make an appearance in the game. People who have paid millions of UC to purchase this gun have become the sole ones to own the skin.

The design is based on the tentacles of an Octopus, the skin could be changed to level 5. The final version of the skin depicts the DP 28 in a variety of shades that range from purple to sky and gold.

3) Techno Core M416 skin

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Techno Core M416 skin believed to be the most rare M416 skin that can be upgraded as of the time that Glacier M416 was first introduced in the BGMI. Only the most well-known BGMI YouTubers such as Scout and a handful of other players have this skin that can be upgraded until level 7. The glowing light inside this gun shines light on the stunning design.

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