5 best DPS heroes for competitive gameplay in Overwatch 2

5 best DPS heroes for competitive gameplay in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has various hero kinds that have a variety of capabilities and skills. From these kinds those who are specialized in dealing huge damage to enemies are the style of play enjoyed by a vast part of the players. Players experienced with DPS and are comfortable playing FPS games ought to be eager to try these DPS-focused heroes out.

The majority of the heroes that are well-known have been tweaked and balanced to make room for the sequel. However, new characters have were added to the roster for Overwatch 2. The total now stands at 17. DPS heroes, which makes it a bit difficult for players to select one.

Therefore, this guide attempts to dispel all confusion within the gaming community by identifying the five top DPS characters for competitive play over Overwatch 2.

Sojourn, Bastion, and three other DPS heroes can help turn the tide of Overwatch 2

1) Sojourn

Mid-range combat is her specialty because her main railgun can shoot projectiles that have a decently high rate of fire. Though each shot is capable of doing around nine damages however, the rate of fire at 14 rounds for each shot causes devastating damage when the bullets meet.

In addition, her secondary weapon fires powerful energy shots which increases to power the shot with time. Other skills such as Power Slide, Disruptor Shot and Overclock are all playing an important part in creating Sojourn one among the most powerful players to play as DPS characters for Overwatch 2. Overwatch 2.

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2) Genji

Cyber Ninja returns in the role of one of the top players in the second installment of Overwatch and his legendary agility and mobility have remained the same. But the main attraction in the game is definitely his Dragonblade greatest ability which lets him use his katana blade to smash through opponents quickly.

It could only last only a few seconds, however the elimination of stun capabilities have greatly improved this ability and he’s not held back in his tracks any longer. Genji has unique abilities like shooting off bullets, and the ability to move, Genji is truly one of the top heroes that focus on damage currently in the game.

3) Reaper

After mid-range and flanking conflicts are sorted out, it’s time to allow Reaper to shine at close range. The players who get used to his shorter range will be able to beat tanks such as Reinhardt easily. Reaper also has incredible benefits and capabilities that are suited to his limited style of play and ability.

In battle, he’s able to recover some of his health by launching shots at his foes and his Wraith Form allows him to escape from difficult situations. It also eliminates any negative status effects that he’s suffering from and provides him with an immediate speed increase.

But, moving quickly between locations is essential for close-quarters combat as well as Shadow Step lets him transfer to specific areas.

4) Soldier: 76

It’s fair to believe that the designers were particularly accommodating to Soldier 76 Overwatch 2 after the rework because he’s one of the most suitable options for players who are just beginning to get into the meta game.

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The gun that he uses for his primary weapon is incredibly effective. damage and has a decent fire rate. His secondary can shoot a blast of rockets which explode on the impact. Additionally, Soldier: 76 is also able to play a solid support role because of the Biotic Field ability that will heal him and his teammates. The strength of his movement is better than most due to his Sprint capability.

5) Bastion

Bastion may be a bit more difficult for players who are new to the game to master however its ballistic skills make it stand out from the other DPS characters on the roster in Overwatch 2. Bastion can switch settings and adjust quickly to the changing circumstances.

Its ultimate power is powerful and does up to 600-200 damage. The grenade’s ability to tack on tactically will cover a large amount of terrain and rebound off walls too. In general, Bastion can overwhelm tanks quickly if it is used in a strategic manner.

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