5 best powerful cards for the latest Sudden Death challenge in Clash Royale

5 best powerful cards for the latest Sudden Death challenge in Clash Royale

Sudden Death is a new challenge in Clash Royale. Sudden Death contest is one of the latest one-versus one challenge to be found in Clash Royale, where players have to only defeat one tower. In contrast to normal 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer battles this Sudden Death fight is finished when the tower is destroyed.

The game’s description of this challenge readsas follows:

“The game begins in Sudden Death. Whoever wins first place in the First Tower wins! If you lose three times, you’re out. However, you have the chance to recoup your losses and play.”

Because the battle is dependent on one tower, players need to create an ideal eight-card deck that includes both powerful and fast offensive defense and offensive units. This article will discuss the five strongest cards to play the Sudden Death game within Clash Royale.

Wizards, Elite Barbarians, as well as three additional cards for the Sudden Death game in Clash Royale

5) Wizard

  • Cost:5 Elixir
  • Damage: 373
  • Hitpoints: 955

After a player has progressed up to Arena 4 in Clash Royale players can gain access to this Wizard card. Because of its damage, it is a powerful support system that can be utilized with cards such as Dark Prince, Valkyrie, and Pekka. It is also a good option to stop in the progress of an opponent’s crowd army.

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This card is one of the most effective anti-air cards you can make use of during the Sudden Death challenge due to its versatility. Wizards and Valkyries are able to combine their strengths to take out enemies’ towers and troops quickly. The players can also play with an Electro Wizard card alongside the standard one.

4) Elite Barbarians

  • Cost: 6 Elixir
  • Damage: 508
  • Hitpoints: 1776

Its Elite Barbarians card allows players to summon two strong Barbarians with a lot of hitpoints when players reach Arena 10. It is among the most powerful Common cards used in the Sudden Death game during Clash Royale and can quickly take down the towers of your opponent.

The Elite Barbarians is a powerful defensive card that can be used to push back. To take on the army of enemies players should combine this card with lower-elixir options such as Fireball as well as Spirits. The card can also be combined with anti-air options such as Wizard as well as Minion Horde.

3) Electro Wizard

  • Cost: 4 Elixir
  • Damage: 290
  • Hitpoints: 944

Electro Wizard is among the strongest troop cards that deal with splash damage available in. When a player has reached Arena 8, they can obtain the Electro Wizard. The Electro Wizard can be acquired by acquiring targets, and is equipped with powerful damaging capabilities. All of the opponent’s cards’ abilities are reset whenever the Electro Wizard employs the stun power.

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When it comes to the Sudden Death challenge The ability of this card to weaken the opponent’s troops makes it an effective in defending against units that have massive damage. The Electro Wizard is able to defend Valkyrie along with Hog Rider from single-targeted cards such as Inferno Dragon, Mighty Miner and Inferno Tower.

2) Mega Knight

  • Cost: 7 Elixir
  • Damage: 355
  • Hitpoints: 5280

Mega Knight Mega Knight, One of the loved Legendary decks of Clash Royale and has splash damage that makes it simple to take out waves of enemies cards. With its many hitpoints this card can be played by players to prevent the cards of their adversaries from getting forced to be pushed.

Mega Knights are best protected from incoming swarms of cards by the help of support troops such as Electro Wizard and Valkyrie. The damage that splashes on Mega Knight can be a powerful deterrent to the opponent’s ground-unit attack. It is recommended that players use low-elixir support units such as Spirit, Zap, Log and more when playing Mega Knight.

1) Mini Pekka

  • Cost: 4 Elixir
  • Damage: 955
  • Hitpoints: 1804

One of the strongest and inexpensive cards available in Clash Royale is the Mini Pekka. When paired with other support troops, such as Wizard and Valkyrie It is able to beat towers and units with high hit points. The players can use quick attacking cards such as Prince as well as Hog Rider and Mini Pekka in order to destroy any tower.

Gamers, however, will not get this reward until they’ve completed the game-specific training. With the aid of options such as Log, Zap, and Spirits, players are able to stop troop cards from swarming, allowing Mini Pekka to climb up the tower of the opponent.

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