5 Rare BGMI Gun Skins like M416 Glacier in 2022

The M416 glacier skin is one of the most requested gun skins available in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The skin’s On-Hit effect is the most noticeable feature. Skins are available from crates that are classic. But, the weapon skin is now a famous item, thus reducing the chances for players to get it.

Designers also have created lots of skins just as scarce as M416 Glacier. M416 Glacier. This article will discuss five rare gun skins available for BGMI gamers in the year 2022.

Very rare BGMI gun skins similar to M416 Glacier

5) Blood and Bones M16A4

Blood and Bones (Image via Krafton), gamestwists.com

The Blood and Bones gun skin comes with a unique On-Hit effect that is similar to The M416 Glacier. The skin features seven upgrade levels that come with an individual finish feed as well as an attractive final appearance. The skin was last seen was made available for the game’s Lucky Spin event.

4) Terror Fang Kar98K

The Terror Fang Kar98K is widely regarded as one of the top Kar98K weapon skins available in the BGMI. The skin was launched during Krafton’s collaborations with the Godzilla film. The final design, featuring the flame red color, appears at a threatening, but elegant. In addition, the loot bag that is part of the weapons skin is the appearance of a tiny Godzilla sitting on it.

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3) AKM Hellfire

AKM Hellfire (Image via Krafton), gamestwists.com

AKM Hellfire skin AKM Hellfire skin is the only AKM skin that does not have an upgrade level. It has a pre-upgraded final feed as well as a loot crate and has made an appearance in various the crates for special events. The players are waiting with anticipation for the skin to become available once more.

2) Enchanted Pumpkin Scar-L

Enchanted Pumpkin Scar-L (Image via Krafton), gamestwists.com

“Scar-L’s” Enchanted Pumpkin is a rare weapon skin that is owned by only a handful of BGMI players. The skin only came out only once, making it one of the rarest skins of the game. With a violet and orange appearance, the weapon is reminiscent of Halloween.

The skin is expected to be back in the coming updates to the game.

1) M416 Fool

M416 Fool (Image via Krafton), gamestwists.com

The M416 Fool is the only legendary weapon available in the game. Players can upgrade their gun skin up to seven levels and enjoy amazing benefits. The gun skin comes with an appealing finish feed as well as the loot crate that is animated, and has a joker. The skin was made available as a joker’s spin in earlier updates.

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