5 tips to get maximum Primogems for Kusanali

5 tips to get maximum Primogems for Kusanali/Nahida banner in Genshin Impact

As Genshin Impact 3.2 will bring new weapons and characters for players to acquire by spending a lot of Primogems and other Primogems, players are thrilled about Nahida’s arrival in the coming update.

Nahida will be one of the Dendro Archon found in Sumeru and is the newest five-star Catalyst player in the game. Nahida’s design for her character and her part as part of the current Archon quest has been a huge hit with players. In the stage 2 of the 3.1 banner the players will have two weeks left until Nahida’s official debut.

It is a blessing that players have the opportunity to explore the Sumeru area, which is brimming with treasure chests, puzzles, and treasures to start collecting Primogems. Here are five suggestions for getting the most Primogems to use in Nahida’s banner in Genshin Impact.

Five top Genshin Impact tips for collecting the most Primogems to Nahida’s banner

Genshin Impact 3.2 has been officially scheduled to launch on the 02nd of November 2022. Its phase I banners will go up in conjunction with the launch of a new patch with Nahida’s first appearance. Nahida is an upcoming 5 star Dendro Catalyst user with an outstanding Off-field Dendro application, according to leaks.

The latest leaks reveal who will be joining Nahida in the beginning of the film:

  • Layla (Cryo Sword)
  • Yoimiya (Pyro Bow)

Layla is a brand new Sumeru character, and is the only 4 star currently confirmed to appear on the banner of the event. Additionally, Yoimiya is a 5-star Inazuman character that will be featured in her second replay.

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5) Paimon Bargain Shop

Players can buy five intertwined fates from The Bargain Shop. In celebration of the 2nd anniversary the shop offers a massive discount on the Intertwined Fate for each, which is about 75 Stardust just.

The players can also purchase Five Acquaint Fates at the exact shop, which gives them approximately 1600 Primogems of fates.

4) Sumeru Exploration

The new area that is Sumeru has been divided into two parts: Rainforest and Desert. These huge areas are filled with puzzles for gamers to solve for lore or Primogems. Don’t forget the vast treasure chests of treasure which are scattered throughout.

Players can also reach the maximum level of their participation in the Statue of the Seven by collecting the entire Dendroculus as well as opening the Shrines of Depths. In doing so, players will be rewarded with approximately 1800 Primogems.

3.) Limited Events

The second phase of patch 3.1 will last for two weeks prior to the update. During this period players are able to participate in three events with a time limit:

  • The Path of Gleaming Jade
  • Wind Chaser
  • The Star-Seeker’s Sojourn

It is important to note that the Path of Gleaming Jade and Wind Chaser events are ongoing The final event will begin on October 21, 2022.

If you are able to participate in each of the three events will result in approximately 800 Primogems and 10 intertwined Fates (from Path of Gleaming Jade). In order to obtain the 10 intertwined Fates, participants will have to sign in to Genshin Impact consecutively. Genshin Impact for seven days.

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2.) Spiral Abyss

Spiral Abyss is a great resource to gather lots of Primogems to create banners for the future. It’s the only permanent game that has an endgame.

Spiral Abyss tends to reset its floors each fortnight. Every reset the players have the chance to earn 36 stars in order to get 600 Primogems. Every patch update typically includes the two Spiral Abyss resets. Hence fans could accumulate 1200 Primogems.

1.) Daily Commission

Everyday Commissions are a steady source of earning Primogems. They are typically short and take less than 10 minutes to finish each one.

Players can earn 60 Primogems when they have completed all commissions. The remaining days are available prior to release of the 3.2 release, users could accumulate about 720 Primogems.

Finally, those who are willing to spend real money on the game can buy The Battle Pass and Welkins.

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