Alok vs Maro vs Jota: Which Free Fire character is better for Clash Squad? (2022)

Contrary to unlike Battle Royale mode in Free Fire however, Clash Squad mode is not as intense. Clash Squad mode is extremely quick-paced. The rounds last only a few minutes and players need to be quick to get their hands on kills.

But none of it could have been achieved without the assistance of great characters. Their talents make a significant effect on what happens in the game. Three amazing characters include DJ Alok, Maro, and Jota.

Their distinctive skills have earned them the respect of fans and they’re equipped to Clash Squad. Clash Squad mode in-game.

Detailed comparison of DJ Alok, Maro, and Jota in Free Fire based on abilities and combat usage


DJ Alok’s abilities

DJ Alok’s game-specific ability is known as Drop the Beat. Once activated, a 5 meter aura will appear for 10 seconds. It will give 5 HP of recovery each second. It also increases the speed of the people within by 15 percent. When the ability is activated the cooldown duration of 45 minutes.

Maro’s abilities

Maro’s ability in game is known as Falcon Fervor. It’s passive, and allows players to take on more damage due to the increased distance. The total is 25% more damage could be dealt out from a distance. Furthermore, enemies who are marked with an ability can take 3.5 percentage more damage.

Jota’s abilities

Jota’s ability in game is known as Sustained Raids. It’s passive and can help to heal the player. If an enemy is killed and killed, the player recovers some of their HP. If the enemy was killed or destroyed the enemy is eliminated, 20% HP is saved.

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DJ Alok in combat

DJ Alok is best used as a tactician and combat medic for Free Fire. The ability of DJ Alok is utilized during fights between teams and tactical actions. If properly placed his entire team will benefit from his skill.

Maro in combat

Maro’s mission in combat is the damage dealer. With his abilities, players are able to deal additional damage to enemies from afar. This allows Free Fire the Free Fire character ideal for long-range and mid-range engagements.

Jota in combat

Jota is one of the strongest capabilities in Free Fire. The ability of Jota to passively heal throughout combat, players can utilize Jota to their advantage. Because of the HP regen making it easy to push the enemy on a constant basis is easy.


While all three characters are beneficial, there will only be only one winner. With the talents of Jota and Maro as characters in Free Fire, it becomes difficult to decide between the three.

Both are equally effective in games. The idea of saying one is more powerful over the other would be wrong. When combined the two characters are invincible in game. The final decision on who is the most effective will depend on the person playing and the way they intend to utilize their character Clash Squad mode.

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