Free Fire Booyah Event: How to win free Skyler character, Beaston pet, and more this week

The Booyah app created by Garena is a popular source of gaming content for Free Fire players, and they can find things like short clips, live streams, and more on it. In addition, there are many events hosted, through which players have the opportunity to get a variety of items without cost.

Watch-To-Win is a popular event on the app, and it requires users to watch videos or live streams for a set amount of time to win items. A new game launched recently and features bonuses, including a Skyler character and a Beaston pet.

How to get free Skyler character and other Free Fire rewards (Booyah Watch-To-Win)

The latest Watch-to-Win game launched on January 29 on the Booyah app and will be available to players until January 31. Individuals must complete any 60-minute live broadcast task to be eligible for the rewards.

There are no other requirements they have to fulfill, and the goal is very easy to complete. Among the items available are The Bookie Pants, Beaston pet, Skyler Character, and Weapon Royale Voucher.

Steps to get rewards from the event

Listed below are the steps players can follow to claim rewards:

Step 1: To get started, users have to download the Booyah app on their device and then login/create an account.

Step 2: They can then watch the streams for a specified 60 minutes to complete the Watch-To-Win event task.

Step 3: Once done, players must head to the Quest Center and claim the reward under the Limited Time Quests section.

(Note: Any random reward will be withdrawn from the prize pool.)

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