Free Fire OB36 Update Check out the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 53

Free Fire OB36 Update: Check out the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 53 Pre-Order reward, and more

A Free Fire Ob36 update: Be sure to check out this Free Fire Elite Pass Season 53 Pre-Order rewards – The quick addition of a variety of items, events as well as features are coming soon for Free Fire. The players around the world are enjoying the latest update. 

The developers are waiting for the update and trying to add new content into the game. As we all know, every update brings new features and players are eagerly looking forward to the next big features in the game such as collabs, events and many more.

We are aware that demand to purchase Elite passes during the sport is never low. Fans are waiting to get about the month of October Elite Pass information. A few leaks suggest that Garen has released the rewards available for pre-orders for the October month Elite Pass. 

Therefore, customers must be active in the lead-up to the release of the Elite Pass in order to take advantage of the exciting rewards for pore-orders ahead of other users.

Free Fire Update: Take a look at the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 53 Pre-Order Rewards

According to the leaks the pre-order sales begins on September 29th and continue until the release date for the Season Pass. The players must pre-order the pass by choosing one of the options like four99 diamonds, or even 999. Once they have completed all the steps and completing the requirements, they will be awarded with a unique pre-order reward. If you’re still unsure, know about the new items that will be available during The elite Pass Season 53. Check out the following:

  • Motor Bike.
  • Ninja Blade Avatar.
  • Flame Oni Avatar.
  • Blizzard Runner Jacket.
  • Weapon Royale Voucher.
  • Ice Oni Banner.
  • Flame Endure Jacket and Diamond Royale Voucher.
  • Windfrost Shinobi Bundle and Diamond Royale Voucher.
  • Burning Ninja Dagger.
  • Ninja Fusion T-Shirt.
  • Cursed Anger Backpack.
  • Bizon – Soul Stealth.
  • Ninja Blade Banner and Haunt Altar Loot Box.
  • Ice Ghost Backpack and Ninja Stand Emotes.
  • Ice Ghost Skyboard.

Additionally, the most sought-after bunny bundle will return to the game again with a live event on the web starting 1 October 2022. While the discount for the current season will be on sale from the 26th. Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire an item of high-end quality to add to your collection. Be sure to check back in the next days to satisfy your desires.

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