How to use Free Fire redeem code to get free rewards (2022)

With some of the most sought-after items on Free Fire costing diamonds, players that are free to play are always trying to find ways to acquire the items at no cost. Therefore redeem codes have come to be seen among the top used ways for these players.

The developers often release 12-character codes that are quite simple to use. After redemption the reward is sent to players accounts within 24 hours. It is possible to offer a variety of prizes, like loot crates, skins and even loot.

Detailed guide on using Free Fire redeem codes to obtain free rewards

Before beginning the process, users must be aware that guest accounts aren’t eligible to receive benefits using the redeem code. They must first connect them to their account by accessing Free Fire and pressing the “Gear” icon in the right-hand side to access the tab for settings.

Users will see an Account section in the tab called ‘Basic’ and they are able to use any of the platforms to tie their accounts to Free Fire.

Steps to use the redeem codes

Anyone with an account linked to a Free Fire account can follow these steps to receive rewards using the redemption code:

First step: In order to begin players need to visit their Game’s Rewards Redemption Site on their devices, which is a website on which the redeem code is utilized.

Clicking here will redirect you to the website.

Step 2: Individuals are able to login using the platform that is linked to their accounts after achieving the platform.

Step 3: They’ll then see texts on the screen where the redemption code needs to be entered in a careful manner. To avoid mistakes, gamers are able to directly paste it.

Step 4. Finally you can click “Confirm” to confirm the redemption. Following that, players are able to take advantage of the rewards via the game’s in-game mail within Free Fire.

Another thing should be kept in mind to keep in mind is the fact that the redemption code comes with an expiration date and is only valid on a specific server. This means that the code won’t work at a specific time and the code will only be claimed if it’s intended for the server of the user.

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