How to get free Street Eats Pan and Corn Dagger in Free Fire MAX

One of the main methods that players can earn free rewards on Free Fire MAX is by taking part in different events. The players are delighted. players they are delighted to learn that the Booyah Day celebrations recently been launched in the Indian server. As a consequently, a variety of brand new events have been launched.

Its BR & CS Ranked Mission is among the most popular events that allow participants to collect four exclusive items. Pan – Street Eats as well as Corn Dagger are two of the main highlights of the event, and all interested participants have to complete the tasks in order to get the items.

A complete guide to the event is provided below.

The Free Fire Max guide: How to obtain gratis skins via BR & CS Ranked Mission

The BR & CS Ranked Mission event started on Free Fire MAX today and will last through November 8. The name implies that gamers have to be able to complete the missions in the ranked mode in order to obtain the various items that are available, including Corn Dagger, Pan – Street Eats and Corn Dagger.

Here is a listing of the prerequisites they must meet to earn the various rewards offered in the competition:

  • In CS-Ranked, kill 10 enemies: One Diamond Royale voucher (expires on 31st December, 2022)
  • Take down 30 enemies by C-Ranked: Pan – Street Eats
  • 10 enemies killed in BR-Ranked: One Weapon Royale voucher (expires 30 December 2022)
  • In BR-Ranked, kill 30 enemies: Corn Dagger

Since the competition will be held for three days, people are able to meet the various standards. It’ll take them just only a couple of hours, but won’t take any effort from them. Additionally, the process is easier for those who are lower levels.

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How do you take advantage of the rewards from BR & CS Ranked Mission

After the missions are completed Follow the steps outlined below to claim the various Rewards in the Free Fire Max:

Step 1: After you have opened Free Fire MAX, tap on the Calendar icon located on the right-hand side of the Main lobby display of the game. It will lead users directly to the Booyah Day section.

Step 2: Many events will show up on your screen, and you must then choose your BR & CS Ranked Mission event.

Step 3: After you have arrived at this specific event, rewards will begin to appear. The final step is to click the Claim button to get the prizes in the Battle Royale title.

A list of events that offer free rewards

These are the times of the different events that have already begun or will be starting in Booyah Day. Booyah Day celebrations in Free Fire MAX:

  • Your Potential Missions (3 November – 14 November)
  • Friend Leaderboard (3 November – 14 November)
  • Login 5 Days (3 November – 7 November)
  • Travel Mission (3 November – 5 November)
  • Booyah Leaderboard 1 (5 November – 6 November)
  • Elimination Missions (6 November – 8 November)
  • Daily Missions (8 November – 13 November)
  • Damage Mission (9 November – 11 November)
  • Play Coin Clash (11 November – 15 November)
  • Booyah Leaderboard 2 (12 November – 13 November)
  • Play With Friends (12 November – 14 November)

Therefore, players who want to earn free rewards can take part in these games to earn an assortment of games-related products.

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