How to Get M416 glacier skin in PUBG Mobile,

How to Get M416 glacier skin in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile gives players various weapons to aid in fighting to survive in the battleground. Since its initial release, a number of versions of PUBG Mobile have introduced a variety of new gun skins for the game, including the glacier M416 skin, AKM golden and ScarL beast skins. Starting with redeeming codes and ending with opening crate doors the skins are acquired through various ways.

In the last releases, the game’s developers launched M416’s glacier skin which is now the talk of the town with PUBG mobile players. The premium finish and appealing appearance make it something everyone wants in their collection. Even in matches it provides a unique experience for players, particularly when playing in FPP mode.

But, many players are not aware of the procedure to acquire the glacier M416 skin PUBG Mobile. So, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide through that anyone can be able to gain access to this skinand then boast about it.

How can I obtain M416 glacier skins for PUBG Mobile?

There are two ways to acquire skins for weapon for PUBG Mobile. To get an M416-themed skin have to either redeem a unique PUBG Mobile code or use the traditional crate available in the game.

Method 1: Redeem code

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PUBG Mobile frequently offers redeem code on its social media accounts that are used to earn various rewards items in game. Players must be aware of the SM handles to find redeem codes. When the developers have released M416 Glacier skin code M416 Glacier skin codes customers can redeem it here:

Method 2: Unlock the the classic container

Free classic crate coupons,

To acquire M416 glacier skins using these methods, users need to shell out some money to purchase UC currency within PUBG Mobile. Additionally, they are able to make use of classic coupons to earn them through the completion of achievements and missions within the game. Go to the shop>>crates>>classic crate and start opening these crates. If you’re lucky, then you’ll be able to find the skin you desire.


There’s no way to buy this glacier skin. We suggest that you adhere to the redemption code methodas a lot of players aren’t willing to pay for items to play PUBG Mobile. Because it’s free this is the most popular method to earn reward points.


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