Google reportedly turned down Kojima's Death Stranding sequel for ill-fated Stadia

Google reportedly turned down Kojima’s Death Stranding sequel for ill-fated Stadia

The Google Stadia’s short-lived rule to the delight of no one is now at an end. The company has recently announced the gaming streaming service’s demise. It could be that this was the right decision since a report from the past revealed that the unique Death Stranding successor was also cancelled for the platform that was not well-liked.

According to the website 9to5Google the source they cited claimed that famous Game director Hideo Kojima was in the process of deciding to develop a single player sequel to the groundbreaking 2019 game exclusive to the Stadia. This is how it happened.

Single-player aspect probably led to Google-Stadia-exclusive Death Stranding sequel getting axed

The game was set to be managed by Hideo Kojima, who was also the game’s creator. The sequel saw its first concept sketches shown before Google in 2020, which is only one year after the game’s initial release.

In contrast to the original game that was released in the year 2000, this game would be a single-player game and would not include any of the synchronous multiplayer features that the new game featured.

Death Stranding enabled players to leave tracks that others could follow on and aid them on their mission in order to help save America. But, due to a decline in player’s interest in single-player games Stadia general manager, Phil Harrison, decided to put the game on hold for a while.

Kojima Productions (the team responsible for Death Stranding) can now concentrate on a real Death Stranding 2. In actuality, the returning actor Norman Reedus (who played the principal role of Sam Bridges) confirmed that the work is in progress in the direction of the second installment.

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The focus of the game’s cancellation on single-player certainly sounds strange considering that the asynchorous multiplayer was essential to keeping the connectivity aspect of the game. It may have been sluggish experience without these features.

Harrison’s assertion about the lack of a viable market for single-player games reminds me of the same sentiments expressed by the popular publisher EA.

In only one sentence, an shrewd statement considering how many classic single-player games continue to dominate the gaming industry and include upcoming titles like God of War: Ragnarok and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In at the conclusion of it is true that Stadia suffered a premature end, mostly due to a range of causes. The fact that it was not able to attract an overwhelming number of gamers is the most important reason due to its online-mandatory design.

In the event of its demise the majority of developers will end their forthcoming projects on the platform.

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