How To Use Grenades Effectively In Free Fire 2022

How To Use Grenades Effectively In Free Fire 2022

This article will provide the complete guideline for using the grenades within Free Fire. Making use of Grenades correctly is vital for those who want to achieve an upper ranking.

Free Fire is a fairly complicated Battle Royale shooter, with numerous elements, including guns, character abilities and animals… and firearms and grenade use being the most demanding of all. While most players are familiar with using guns, a few actually are able to utilize grenades to use grenades in Free Fire effectively.

This article Gurugamer will demonstrate how to use every kind of Grenades efficiently to your advantage in Free Fire 2022.

1. How to use Gloo Grenades in Free Fire

First, you must begin by acquiring firstly, get the Waggor pet. The pet’s “Smooth Gloo” ability would produce one Gloo Grenade every two minutes, if the player owns less than two Gloo Wall Grenades available in their inventory. It effectively grants Waggor’s owner the ability to use an unlimited amount of Gloo Grenades… and, in later stages of the game, once the circle is shrinking, Gloo Walls are super helpful.

While moving, hold the Grenade button in order to be sure that you have the Gloo Wall ready. Although you won’t be capable of firing right away but you could deploy the cover anytime you require.

Most people think that it is a good idea to hide behind a Gloo Wall… You can profit from this to trick them. Make an Gloo Wall facing a completely non-related location to attract attention, then surround them. It is also possible to use Gloo Walls to conceal your retreat and stop vehicles from entering and vehicles.

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2. How to use Smoke Grenades in Free Fire

Smoke grenades generate an air-filled cloud of smoke that lasts for about 25 seconds. It isn’t visible unless you’re right in the middle that smoke. Additionally, there’s one unique feature that the smoke grenade comes with that is not widely known to players the power of: it disables aim-assist. Smoke can be a good way to surprise players who aren’t experienced and give the player an advantage.

Most of the time, enemies stop shooting in an area covered in smoke. This allows you to reach and assist your teammate who has been injured. Smoke cigarettes at an area and then step into the area to rest – your enemies generally don’t even notice. This is a great strategy in close-range fights as well as fierce battles in areas with many coverage.

Smoke grenades are ideal for fighting camp enemies. When you go camping in Free Fire, a lot of campers will seek refuge in houses and shelters to hide from enemies. The smoke grenade you throw inside the camper’s shelter can temporarily wake them up and confuse them, which will allow you to fight.

3. How to use Frag Grenades in Free Fire

For you to use a regular Grenade successfully, you’ll need to keep in mind these three elements:

  • Do not waste the grenade, make use of it when you are sure that your enemies are hiding in the area. Make sure to cook the grenade if wish to cause damage…, or throw it in a normal manner and then rush to shoot as they move away from the blast.
  • You can make use of a shotgun to eliminate enemies.
  • It is possible to jump when throwing, which will increase the throwing distance.
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