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M416 vs M762: Which is the better gun in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile comes with a range of guns that offer an array of options for every category of weapon. But, the majority of players create their preferred weapons during the loadout. This is best not used in PUBG Mobile.

So the players may be seeking to diversify their arsenal to learn about how to use strengths as well as weaknesses in each weapon. This article will take a look into two firearms, the M416 as well as the Beryl M762 firearms available in PUBG Mobile and then decide which one is more effective.

A detailed comparison of the M416 and Beryl M762 weapons in PUBG Mobile

#1 Introduction

The M416 assault rifle which uses the 5.56mm ammunition in the game. Beryl M762 too is an AR that uses 7.62mm ammo used in PUBG Mobile.

Beryl M762 in PUBG Mobile (Image Credit Game revolution), gamestwists.com

#2 Fire Rate and Damage

The rate of fire and damage are the most important aspects of the design of a weapon. They show how much damage can be dealt to adversaries. The M416 has a hit-damage that is 41 which is attainable through single and auto firing modes, while the Beryl M762 has a hit rate of 46 along with firing options like single auto, burst and single.

#3 Recoil

The M416 has little recoil, but spraying could cause some turbulence while you aim. Its counterpart, the Beryl M762, however is loaded with recoil and is difficult to control during games.

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M416 weapon in PUBG Mobile (Image Credit: ArtStation), gamestwists.com

#4 Attachments

The M416 is equipped with more attachment slots, such as the compensator, extended magazine as well as a suppressor. It also comes with a range of scopes to help to stabilize the firearm and assist shooters make those headshots that are crucial.

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The Beryl M762 comes with fewer attachment slots, including an angled foregrip, an extended mag suppressor, compensator, and a couple of scopes. These attachments will make recoil more manageable to control, and can also improve the overall performance of the gun.


The Beryl M762 appears to be the better gun overall however, it is not advised for those who are able to manage recoil and utilize it in certain situations. There’s a slight loss in damage compared to the M416 It has more stability and stability. This compensates for the fallout that occurs in PUBG Mobile.


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