Overwatch 2 “Merge Accounts Not Working” error How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Overwatch 2 “Merge Accounts Not Working” error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Overwatch 2 is allowing players who’ve spent hours playing the original game to combine account and move their Skins, Emotes achievements credit, statistics and more to the newest version of the popular shooter from Blizzard.

A large portion of the Overwatch community are having problems with this system and accounts merging with the brand new franchise entry isn’t going as one would like.

It’s the “Merge Accounts Not Working” error is among the most irritating issues within Overwatch 2, making many players concerned that they could potentially lose years of progress made from Overwatch 1 because of it.

This bizarre error is among the most difficult issues to solve in the popular shooter from Blizzard Entertainment Today’s tutorial will discuss the root of this error , and how to resolve it.

What’s the reason for”the “Merge Accounts Not Working” error in Overwatch 2 and how to solve it

This “Merge Accounts Not Working” error in Overwatch 2 is generally caused when accounts are merged when there is a glitch or server error in the game itself. It could also be a problem with the player’s network , or with their game’s files.

Below are a few of the steps players should take to correct this issue in the game

  • Verify you’re sure that merging two accounts of shooters went smoothly. Since players only have one chance to join with their Overwatch 1 account with Overwatch 2 It’s crucial to ensure that they double-check the process and make sure that the merge was done with success.
  • It’s important to keep in mind this: only one account for each platform can be connected. If a user has two accounts across the various platforms, such as PC, Xbox, PS or Switch however, they will unfortunately, be able combine only one of them.
  • If players continue to experience issues with the “Merge Accounts Not Working” error in the shooter game, they’ll need to examine over the Overwatch 2 servers, and check if the game’s developers are experiencing issues regarding the games online features.
  • If the server of the shooter is functioning in a proper manner, gamers will need to verify connectivity on their side, or take the step of restart the shooter to eliminate any corrupted or damaged game files.
  • If the issue with merging is occurring when players have been merging accounts by themselves, causing players lose their progress or merging the wrong accounts the players have to submit a ticket Blizzard Customer Support.
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How can players modify their Overwatch 2 console account already connected to Battle.Net?

To merge accounts on their consoles, gamers should adhere to these steps:

  • Click on the Account Merge option which is available within the menu options in the game. In this menu, players will open an additional window with the words “Confirm your Account to Merge.’
  • Then, they will be asked to verify that the two accounts have been correctly joined. Once they have done this confirmation will appear on the right side of the display.

It is important to remember that users who wish to combine their accounts, but also access their console accounts will be able use their Battle.net account. But, there is a one-year cooling off period for this procedure.

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