How to download PUBG Mobile 1.8 update APK file on low-end Android devices

PUBG Mobile 1.8 is now available for all users around the world. It is expected to provide a better overall gaming experience with new content and improvements to existing features. Although the Spider-Man-themed mode has grabbed the player’s attention, Aftermath also brings unique elements.

Users will eventually have to update the game because users in different versions cannot invite each other. As a result, players can update their game before January 18, 2022, to be eligible for additional BP, AG, and helmet rewards.

Android users can download the update through their respective stores or the APK file.

Steps to install PUBG Mobile 1.8 version using APK file

The developers provide the two APK files for Android users on the official website. The first is the full or normal profile that the players play. In contrast, the second version is the most compact version that players can put on their mobile devices. Here is a guide they can follow:

Step 1: Players can access the official PUBG Mobile website by clicking on this link.

Step 2: After accessing the homepage, users have to select the desired type of APK file and download it. Here are the options available, along with their corresponding sizes:

Regular APK: 952MB Compact APK: 589MB
The difference in size is offset by the fact that users have to download an additional resource pack with the compressed APK when they first launch the game.

Step 3: Once the download is complete, users can navigate through their devices to locate and install the APK. They will also need to enable the Install from Unknown Source option before proceeding.

Step 4: Then, players who have used the regular or full APK can enjoy playing the latest version by logging into their account.

However, users using the compressed APK must download the resource pack before accessing the game. After downloading the resource pack, these players can also enjoy the new update.

Note: PUBG Mobile is banned in India as per government guidelines. Players from all over the country are advised to avoid installing and playing Battle Royale in any way.

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