5 best Genshin Impact teams for AoE damage in Spiral Abyss

The current end-game material, Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss, is the highest level of combat difficulty. 

Competitive gamers make it their mission to complete the domain in full stars by modifying the adversary lineups in each rendition.

Certain levels of the Spiral Abyss need Travelers to equip a single-target DPS team, but others prefer an AoE damage team. 

This article will detail the top five AoE damage teams in Spiral Abyss without taking into account the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon enhancements.

This article reflects the author’s personal opinions.

Looking at five of the best AoE damage teams for Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss

1) Xiao + Jean + Albedo + Zhongli

With their Elemental Bursts, Xiao and Albedo can both do AoE damage. The fact that these two complement one other so nicely is the icing on the cake in this composition. Xiao’s Elemental Burst has a broad AoE range as well as high and consistent DPS. Jean (or any other Anemo character) serves as a wonderful battery for Xiao to gain Elemental Particle, while Albedo and Zhongli give off-field support.

2) Ganyu + Venti + Mona + Diona

Ganyu and her Morgana squad remain the top AoE damage dealers, despite the addition of new AoE characters in the current version of Genshin Impact. Venti and his Elemental Burst may congregate adversaries in one location, whilst Mona and Diona can use a combination of Hydro and Cryo to freeze their opponents. Finally, Ganyu may use her Elemental Burst, which has a very large AoE range.

3) Tartaglia + Xiangling + Bennett + Kazuha

Tartaglia was one of the first characters to appear in Genshin Impact, and he is still important in the current Spiral Abyss. His complete arsenal demonstrates that he is the finest at combating hordes of opponents. In fact, his strength grows unrivalled as the crowds grow larger.

His Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can both inflict massive AoE damage, but his main selling point is the Elemental Skill, which allows him to stay on the field with other characters as a support.

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4) Raiden Shogun + Xiangling + Bennett + Xingqiu

Raiden Shogun and her national team are the most well-known squad in Genshin Impact. Not only is the team composition extremely cheap to construct with only three additional 4-star characters, but Raiden Shogun herself can deal massive AoE damage in a matter of seconds.

Xiangling and Bennett are the Pyro duo that, simply by being in the lineup with Pyro Resonance, may raise the entire team’s attack by 25%. Xingqiu and his Sacrificial Sword never run out of Energy, whereas Raiden Shogun, with her huge Energy Recharge, can use her Elemental Burst back-to-back as soon as her cooldown is finished.

5) Sucrose + Fischl + Kokomi + Xiangling

The Sukukomon team is another special team that is surprisingly reliable in Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss when it comes to AoE damage. Each of the units in this squad is not a gigantic DPS like Raiden Shogun or Hu Tao, but when combined with these four Elemental Skills, they can deal some significant damage.

More characters will be added in future editions of Genshin Impact, but these teams will most likely remain the greatest AoE team in Spiral Abyss and even the game’s open world.

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