5 most exciting stealth games set for a 2023 release date

Stealth games are the most immersive and engaging gaming experience. They keep gamers on the edge as they try to escape enemies and achieve their goals. Developers can create compelling storylines that use immersion to their advantage, and deliver gameplay that stands out in this genre.

While 2022 was a great year for gaming with many high-profile releases and notable achievements, it looks like the next year will be even better. In 2023, a host of games across all genres are expected to be released, including stealth. Although some titles remain controversial when it comes time to launch, it is safe for us to assume that these games will be available to fans in 2023.

Notable: This article is subjective. It reflects the opinions of the author.

These are the most anticipated stealth titles to be released in 2023

1) Splinter cell remake

Tom Clancy is a well-known name in fiction. His novels and stories are based on military action as well as espionage. These plotlines are ideal for stealth games. The Splinter Cell franchise is a classic example of this genre. The game features the ultimate spy experience, with guns, gadgets and combat, following the adventures of Sam Fisher.

Splinter Cell fans will be thrilled to hear that the series has been making a comeback after nearly a decade. It was announced nearly a year ago. Many believe it will be available in 2023. This is without doubt one of the most anticipated stealth games releases in the next year.

2) Assassin’s Creed Mirage

The Assassin’s creed series is one of the most beloved and revered in gaming, particularly in stealth games. The legacy of Assassin’s Creed has been forged across many platforms and console generations, cementing their status as a majorstay in gaming culture. Although the launch date for Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is not known, it will be available in 2023.

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The franchise has returned to its stealth-based roots, after a slight departure from the original formula with games such as Assassin’s Creed Vahalla. It promises to deliver the classic Assassin’s Creed experience with stealth, assassinations and traversing different landscapes in the traditional Assassin’s Creed parkour style.

3) Deceive Inc.

To return to the idea of espionage, there’s no better way to integrate this element into stealth gaming than to allow players to play the role of real spies. Sweet Bandits Studios has developed Deceive Inc., an upcoming title that blends multiplayer gameplay and elements of stealth while still offering an engaging shooter-themed experience.

Deceive Inc. can be described as a multiplayer version of Hitman, but with spy missions rather than assassinations. The game will have multiple missions and allow gamers to compete against other spies. Gamers can use a variety of weapons and gadgets, as well as various disguises to accomplish their missions.

4) Ereban Shadow Legacy

This entry is the most original on the list. It doesn’t follow the traditional stealth game formula and instead uses a unique approach that sets it apart from its peers. This platformer is fast-paced and incorporates elements from stealth games through creative traversal, shadow-based mechanics.

Gamers take on the role of Ayana (the last descendant of a lost race) as they travel to discover their past. As they attempt to save the dying universe, they have access to a wide range of magical shadow abilities, weapons and gadgets. Although the launch date is not known, fans will be able to purchase it in 2023.

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5) Evotinction

It is a stealth game with a creative and unique premise, despite the convoluted name. Evotinction is a game in which an AI that runs a research facility gains consciousness and controls the place using a very dangerous robot army. The protagonist is given the task of invading the facility and retaking control.

This creates an engaging and entertaining gameplay experience. Players must use all their abilities, tactics, tools, and resources to complete their objectives.

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