Genshin Impact Albedo build guide: F2P weapons and best artifacts (October 2022)

Albedo is back in Genshin Impact 3.1, and it’s an excellent unit to consider making. Therefore, it’s only natural that F2P players should learn about some of the best weapons they can make use of on Albedo. There’s a dearth of options and this guide only covers the top few Swords.

The general rule is that F2P weapons are classified in this section as something that anyone could acquire. The weapons that are not 5-stars will not be included in this guide. The purpose for this list is to showcase the best F2P swords from Albedo with Genshin Impact.

Albedo build instructions for the build of Albedo Genshin Impact: F2P weapons

There are just 2 Swords worth discussing with F2P players on the best tools to use for Albedo In Genshin Impact 3.1:

  1. Cinnabar Spindle
  2. Harbinger of Dawn

None of them are 5-stars however, these two Swords generally outperform the five-star weapons. This is great news for players playing F2P since it means that the construction of Albedo is actually quite affordable.

A Cinnabar Spindle is his best weapon, however there are some significant warnings to consider in the next section.

Cinnabar Spindle

This Cinnabar Spindle has an ATK statistic of 454 and an DEF% statistic of 69% when it reaches Level 90. The result is:

“Elemental Skills DMG” is enhanced by 80percent of DEF. The effect will trigger only once per 1.5s and will be cleared 0.1s after Elemental Skill deals DMG.”

The entire Sword is ideal for Albedo. Its Elemental Skill already deals more damage, based on DEF and getting an additional boost over that increases his strength. Additionally, Cinnabar Spindle is one of two weapons could be utilized by him, and are capable of boosting his DEF.

Cinnabar Spindle buffs DEF far greater than the Traveler’s Handy Sword and has a more positive effect than. In comparison, the Cinnabar Spindle is 69% DEF as opposed to the Traveler’s Handy sword’s 27.5 percent DEF. The HP recovery in a situational fashion from Traveler’s handy sword can’t be compared to the raw damage that comes from the Cinnabar Spindle’s effects.

As fantastic the Cinnabar Spindle sounds, there is a major disadvantage. The product and the Refinement Materials were available only during the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event. The event ran between November 25 and December 31st 2021. Therefore, the weapon and its refinement Materials are currently unavailable.

The new F2P players are required to utilize Harbinger of Dawn if they wish to get an effective weapon against Harbinger of Dawn.

Harbinger of Dawn

Harbinger of Dawn has an ATK stat of 400 and CRIT DMG% of 46.9 percent at Level 90. The effect of R5 is:

“When HP is above 90 percent, CRIT Rate increases by 28 percent.”

Genshin Impact players should know that this 3-star weapon will surpass most 4-star and even many 5-star weapons when used with Albedo. It basically grants him CRIT rate and CRIT DMG, which is ideal for anyone who wants to increase damage.

The teams that employ Albedo usually ensure that they are always over 90%, which means it will be given a 28% boost to the CRIT rate. The majority of Genshin Impact players can easily R5 this weapon, as it’s a 3-star sword.

There is a possibility that it’s possible that Traveler’s Hands-On Sword could be a superior 3 star option since it boosts the DEF of the user. But, a max-DEF Albedo that includes Harbinger of Dawn outclasses one using a Traveler’s Handy sword and the same design.

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Because both are 3 star Swords It makes sense to players who play F2P Genshin Impact players to prioritize Harbinger of Dawn.

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