7 Things Vice City Did Better Than Any Other GTA Game

Vice City is amongst the three most popular GTA games. Read this article to find more details about GTA Vice City and the reasons why it continues to be so popular even in 2022.

Vice City is the second installment of the GTA 3D trilogy, and perhaps the most famous. It clearly drew inspiration from the 1980s’ culture and is still loved by a lot of people, even after twenty years. The game has achieved well in many ways and is a great alternative with Rockstar’s latest games. This article Gurugamer will highlight the eight things Vice City does better than any other GTA game.

1. Fantastic main story with twists and turns

The story of Vice City is an iconic film in the making and many of the fans are convinced that it’s the most successful story of Rockstar Games to date. The main storyline features the voice of Ray Liotta’s Tommy Vercetti, a recently released convict seeking revenge. The players follow the fight of Tommy to climb the ranks to make an income, right amid the drug-fuelled and crime-ridden town that is Vice City.

Tommy sets out in Vice City for a major drug deal with the Vance Brothers, but everything goes wrong and Tommy sets out on a quest to locate the people responsible. Tommy’s story is full of twists and turns and ends with him in charge of his gang, known as the Vercetti Crime Family. Liotta gives a legendary appearance to Tommy and creates a unique character.

2. Characters with vibrant colors

GTA is a series which isn’t shy away from introducing bizarre or interesting characters. They range from insane to dangerous and plain ridiculous. The vast cast of characters are colorful and memorable. They are depicting real-life characters created based on the similarity of those that appear on TV police shows. The character design produced a variety of hilarious moments. The most memorable are Umberto Robina (played by the popular Danny Trejo) and Ken Rosenberg (played by William Fichtner).

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The Mr. Vercetti is an amazingly developed character with lots to say about himself. He interacts with important and less-important characters that populate the city through an entertaining and well-acted script filled with funny accents and an odd series in-joke.

There’s a surprising dearth of female characters with interesting stories within Vice City, however.

3. The Aesthetic

In order to make the most from their famous Miami Vice City map, Rockstar Games have set their latest venture in the 80s. (Scientifically talking, Miami is the most 80s-oriented city.) Neon and pastels are everywhere and so do malls, palm trees, the yuppies with a corny look, and crimes such as cocaine smuggling or international arms transactions. All of it is drenched with Grand Theft auto’s signature comedy and humor.

In a parody of 1980s Miami, Rockstar North has accomplished a great job creating a convincing collection of islands that are appropriately bright neon-lined urban design, Cuban and Haitian populated in ghettos, as well as disgustingly wealthy areas filled with mansions with jetties and golf courses yachts, and everything. Despite its age animation, it’s appealing and body language plays an integral role in the telling of the narrative. The cars are well-constructed and the urban architecture that surrounds them is still interesting to behold.

4. The Vibrant City

Vice City has a distinct appearance compared to other cities of other GTA games. It’s vibrant, colorful lively and wild. The architecture is striking with white-painted walls everywhere and the lighting is filled with neon pinks and blues. The city appears stunning in the daytime and at evening. There’s a reason why GTA players would like it to be back to play Grand Theft Auto 6.

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At 9.11 acres, Vice City isn’t much larger in comparison to Liberty City. It’s divided into two major parts which are: The Mainland as well as Vice Beach. Each of the areas has several distinct districts, and with two major beaches.

5. The 80s Music

Grand Theft Auto is a game that’s famous for loading diverse and awesome playlists into the radio stations in the game they created, went all-out to promote Vice City. 

For many gamers, their awe of these classic tracks was gradually replaced by real appreciation and even a sense of nostalgia for a past they’d never lived. The game offers nine hours of music from the 80s that lets you escape the police with the smooth beats that are Wang Chung.

To complement the action-packed and late-night night cruising of the game’s Miami-like setting and the GTA Vice City soundtrack will make you feel more a part of the world, and keep your attention for many hours.

6. Interesting Missions

The story is a classic from-bottom-to-the-top-Scarface-like journey. While it’s not a masterpiece it has written characters, hilarious dialogue lines and memorable missions make it unique.

Look at the types of jobs were offered and tell me if you forget it:

  • Make a blast on a building using RC helicopter
  • Costume as a police officer and set off a bomb in the mall
  • You can steal a tank in large area of light close to the main street
  • Create and promote your own porn-themed film
  • You can jump between two skyscrapers while riding bikes
  • Take on a French army from a boat
  • Be part of the group, get involved in fighting, then join with the other gang Repeat
  • Make an ice cream truck and make dope sales from it
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Do not forget the very first huge Bank Heist with several preparation tasks prior to the event.

7. Simple and simple gameplay

In terms of a third-person open-world Vice City is arcade to the core, and the missions offer a wide range of games. Worldbuilding plays an important role in the process of achieving an end goal. Certain buildings are accessible and some are used as landing pads for helicopters,

and some are available for purchase which opens up a brand variety of new tasks and rewards. Vehicles and weapons are vast, too. Tommy cannot swim anymore, however you can take him on the vessel and even fly.

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