Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.6 guide: How to get all weapons and gear featured in the Edgerunners anime

The world and the lore of Cyberpunk 2077 grew larger and richer due to the Netflix animated version of the Mike Pondsmith’s highly acclaimed sci-fi world. It also borrows just a few pages of CD Project Red’s book and more specifically, their cyberpunk action game that is set within the same universe.

The game has experienced increased popularity due because of anime as well as 1.6 update, with old and new players eager to play it.

The fans will also recognize the weapons used in the game, based on the clothing worn by the protagonists and people living in this futuristic cityscape. They range from guns to cyberware. This list contains all the weapons and other items included in Edgerunners that are available within the game.

Cyberpunk’s anime adaptation incorporates several designs that are seamlessly adapted from the original game

Be aware that there are spoilers both for the game as well as the anime included in this guide.


From shotguns to pistols there’s no way to live without firearms inside Cyberpunk’s Night City

1) Lexington (Pistol)

What is it: It is one of the most fundamental weapons used in the game The Lexington can be found quite often. As it a Power weapons, the Lexington’s rounds bounce off of surfaces. It is featured in the final episodes of the show as the main character David discusses it in front of newly recruited Julio.

How to obtain It: One way to buy it is through Mobile Camp, the Mobile Camp weapons vendor. This is situated inside the Badlands desert and is situated to the east of Rocky Ridge fast travel spot.

2) Pride (Iconic Pistol)

What is it: These are exclusive weapons that come with special features that cannot be found on any other weapon. Pride is in particular legendary (orange) rare power pistol belonging to Rogue. It (or something similar to it) is featured in JK’s braindances as experienced by David.

How do I get It: It can only be obtained at the end of the game following the death of Adam Smasher. Rogue (given the fact that she was a part of the plot to steal Arasaka).

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3) Unity (Pistol)

What is it: A common pistol The Unity is also an Power pistol that is available in the rarities Epic (blue) as well as higher. It is used by Lucy as a Netrunner from the animated series.

How to obtain it: Go to Little China, Watson for this item. The Megabuilding is the same as V’s residence, Wilson from the 2nd Amendment Store will be selling the Legendary version.

4) Lizzie (Pistol)

What is it: Lizzie is an iconic model from the Militech M-76e Omaha. Rebecca is seen displaying it to a confused David when he walks into her house in episode 4.

The best way to obtain it: It’s located on top of a table in Lizzie’s Bar during a visit to Judy’s Braindance studio.

5) Overture (Revolver)

What is it? It’s another Power weapon, but it’s a revolver. It is seen in Episode 5 in the hands of Dorio when he shoots it across the screen for the entire world to see.

How to obtain it: Buy it from the vendor selling weapons at Arroyo, Santo Domingo.

5) Guts (Shotgun)

What is it: Guts is an Power shotgun, and is an iconic version from the Budget Arms Carnage in Cyberpunk 2077. The gun has been added in Version 1.6 in Edgerunners Content DLC. Edgerunners Content DLC.

How to locate it: Look for the three monks on Corpo Plaza in City Center. It’s located just behind them, in a row of trees.

6) Satara (Shotgun)

What is it? DB-2 Satara is a modified version of the DB-2 Testera, equipped with an electromagnetic barrelthat allows shot to get charged, and be able to penetrate walls and objects – that’s what Tech weapons are specialized in: slashing through opponents. David is seen handing the weapon in to Julio in the animated series.

How to obtain it: Purchase it at the Lots of Guns shop near the NID Docks fast transport terminal at Northside, Watson.

7) Crusher (Shotgun)

What is it: One of the most commonly used shotguns The Crusher can be described as a Power weapon, as the name implies. Maine can be seen taking on the Maelstrom Gang member using it.

How to obtain it: It is bought from Rancho, Colorado, at the Guns’O’Rama firearms shop.

8) Ba Xing Chong (Shotgun)

What is it: Ba Xing Chong is an iconic version that is a variant of Kang Tao L-69 Zhuo. It is utilized in Maine and is among his most favored weapons. In Cyberpunk 2077, it was also utilized for the first time by Adam Smasher, Arasaka’s head of security, and also a mighty Cyborg.

How to obtain it: It’s in a locked area in the Ebunike as a crafting spec in a locked chest accessible after defeating and stealing the access card of Adam Smasher during the endings.

9) Prototype: Shingen Mark V (SMG)

The concept behind it is Prototype: Shingen Mark V is an iconic variant from Shingen Mark V, which is a variant of the Arasaka TKI-20 Shingen which is a submachine weapon. It’s a smart weapon, meaning that projectiles can zero at enemies in the vicinity of their target. Rebecca is observed holding one in the fight with the Maelstrom during Episode 7.

How to find it: Look for it in the metal container of Arasaka Industrial Park, located in Arroyo, Santo Domingo.

10) HJSH-18 Masamune (Assault Rifle)

What exactly is the Musamane can be described as An Iconic Legendary and falls under the Power category. It is a weapon that was sported by Rebecca in conjunction with that of the Prototype: Shingen Mark V.

How to obtain it: Visit Wellsprings, Heywood, and purchase it at the weapons shop.


They are augmented and technological devices that are placed on the body to increase the human body’s capabilities.

1) Kiroshi Optics (Optic Cyberware)

What is it: A typical cyber-implant that it is the Kiroshi Optics is responsible for increasing the vision of users and even going as far to offer x-ray vision as well as smart-tracking.

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How to obtain the program: There are a number of these available at various stores and ripperdocs within Cyberpunk 2077 and the rare purple one available through Victor at Little China, Watson.

2) Sandevistan (Operating System)

What exactly is it? Sandevistan is a kind of Operating System that is used in Cyberpunk and is used by David. It can be used to slow down the speed of time (or from an enemy’s perspective, increasing an inhuman speed) to gain an advantage.

How to obtain it: There are a variety of variants that are available Legendary models, such as Qiant Sandevistan Mk 4, are on sale at Fingers. The ripperdoc can be located in Japantown in the Westbrook District.

3) Syn-Lungs (Circulatory System Cyberware)

What exactly is it? It improves the lung function, which results in increased Stamina regeneration during the game. David is seen to be getting one of these when his cyberaugs increase in Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

How to obtain it: Go to the ripperdocs found in Welsprings, Heywood, for the Legendary model which gives you a 25% increase in regen rate.

4) Gorilla Arms (Arms Cyberware)

What exactly is it: Gorilla Arms are perhaps the most well-known technology in Cyberpunk 2077. They provide a pure combat style, with fist-fights and even slamming shut closed doors with no tools. In the show, Maine can be seen fighting with these weapons.

How to obtain it: It’s for purchase at the RipperDocs store in Welsprings, Heywood.

5) Projectile Launch System (Arms Cyberware)

What is it What it is: In the event that Gorilla Arms are close-range that means they are a projectile launcher. Projectile Launcer is designed to attack from a distance using rocket pods.

How to obtain it: They can be purchased at Cyberpunk 2077 from the RipperDocs store in Welsprings, Heywood.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available for PS4, PS5, XB1S , and PC.

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