Free Fire GFX tools can get you banned, here’s why

Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game that Garena released for devices with low-end specs. However, in the course of time because of the addition to the game, new functions were added and it was filled with stutters, especially for smartphones with 2 GB RAM gamers. So it is a bit disappointing that despite having the size of a download that is in the range of “500 to 550 MB,”” Free Fire doesn’t perform effectively on all Android devices.

So, players employ a variety of techniques to boost their gameplay and minimize lag issues, and GFX tools are one of the tools. According to the claims that the primary purpose behind tools for GFX is to make games smoother and more efficient. However, these third-party applications can also be a risk to accounts that are FF/FF MAX getting exiled.

Utilizing GFX devices to help make the output of Free Fire smoother is in breach of the Garena anti-hack policies

It is known that Garena is very strict with regards to cheating in games. The company has maintained an “zero tolerance policy” against those who use illegal methods to gain advantage in the game.

Additionally, it’s been explicitly stated from Garena’s Anti-Hack Operations Team that the making use of illegal tools and especially those that interface with the game’s client is unlawful and is a crime that falls under cheating.

The GFX tools are softwares from third parties that are not licensed or published by Garena. Furthermore, they communicate in conjunction with the games APK client. Thus the installation and the use or use of any GFX tool to enhance the gaming experience can result in account suspensions.

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Here’s what the development team has said time and again on the penalties for cheaters in FF/FFMAX:

“Free Fire has a zero tolerance rule against cheating. We will permanently block their accounts used to cheat. devices used to cheat will also be barred to play Free Fire again using any other account.”

In addition to using GFX tools and games boosters during the game it is also important to avoid using hacks or altering any of the APK client or models files. If players notice an alleged cheater or hacker employing unfair methods in a game or game, they should declare the hacker.

How do you report a hacker or a cheater by contacting Garena’s help desk?

You should follow the steps listed in this article to file a complaint against a hacker cheater through Garena’s help center:

Step 1: Open the help center using the direct link given here:

Step 2.Use the sign-in link to redirect you onto the log-in page on which you’ll see the below options:

  • Google (Gmail)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • VK
  • Apple ID
  • Huawei ID

Make sure you sign in using the account connected by your FF/FF MAXgame account.

Step 3.After you’ve logged in, you will be able to tap”Send a request “Submit an Request” by entering your Player ID located in the upper-right corner.

Step 4.You can select to play the games (Free Fire MAX for Indian users) and select Hacker Report as the type of request.

step 5:You are able to select the type of cheat or hack, include your ID for the hacker and provide a complete description of your request.

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Be sure to show proof of hacking prior to you submit your request.

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