Garena Free Fire Booyah Challenge event: Play to win great Rewards

Garena’s Free Fire Booyah challenge event You can play to win fantastic rewards As we approach the release of the updated version We have been receiving a lot of unanticipated mini-events which contribute to the excitement surrounding the game’s in-game collection. 

This is the OB36 in Free Fire is finally in the mix with many exciting and appealing things including features, items, and more. The players will need to invest some time in the game to discover and learn about the new features.

In the case of the latest update, developers had to add a variety of web-based events that allow players to earn an exclusive reward by investing some diamonds. However there were some events that are free been added. 

The Booyah Challenge event has been started within the game, in which players can take on tasks to earn a variety of delightful rewards. They must be on time and to collect their rewards before the event is over. Keep an eye on us for further news.

Garena Free Fire Booyah Challenge event Participate to win amazing rewards

The event was officially launched by Free Fire on the 21st of September and will run until 28th September 2022. The players have plenty of time to finish and earn the rewards for reaching milestones.

Here is a list of rewards along with their obligatory tasks:

  • Booyah Five times on CS Ranked Matches- Time Limited Diamond Royale Voucher.
  • Booyah 10 Times in CS Ranked Matches- Nutty Quirk Parachute.
  • Booyah 5 Times in BR Ranked Matches- Graffiti Food Truck.
  • Booyah 10-times in BR ranking matchesGrenade Pigment Splash.
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Gamers can pour their energy in these online events to win great rewards without cost. In addition, other events are coming up, so keep an eye out for something brand new.

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