“I almost died”- Logan Paul recalls terrifying dune buggy accident with his girlfriend

During the September 28 episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, YouTuber-turned-professional boxer Logan Paul recalled a terrifying incident. While on a trip with his friends when the YouTuber flipped the golf buggy he was riding along with girlfriend Nina Agdal beside him.

Then, in a speech for his followers, Logan said:

“…I almost died too!”

Logan Paul is an American YouTuber and Internet personality who has an enormous popularity on Twitter and other social platforms. From wrestling in WWE to challenging controversial celebrity Andrew Tate, the internet star is having an exciting year.

Logan Paul says he “almost passed away” after a terrible golf buggy crash in LA

When discussing his girlfriend of a while, Logan Paul revealed how he nearly lost her confidence after crashing the golf buggy. Within four minutes of promising her safety the YouTuber turned the vehicle upside down located at the ranch he runs in LA and put them in a life-threatening situation.

Paul explained the horrific incident. Paul said:

“I am an idiot. There was a ranch, and you were there. A trip to the title in LA I managed to make it to the ranch for the first time for a few times… I saw my dad whom I hadn’t seen for a while, and was able to reconnect with him. and had some awesome father-son times, and breaking his ribs. We’re in the Polaris RZR, off-road four-wheel dunes buggy. I love these machines.”

In the manner of the boxing experience in the video, he applied the brakes while going too fast on the sharp bend. But, he ended being able to flip the buggy over and putting both his feet inside. He elaborated:

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“The two-seaters, however, can be quite dangerous. That’s because nearly anyone who’s driven one has flipped. But not me, since I’m extremely proficient in driving these kinds of vehicles. So I imagined… It arrives behind me when we’re into it, and she’s like “hey I’ve not been in these cars often, and I’m not feeling very at ease, could you not switch?””

Logan Paul further added:

“She turns her head, please don’t turn and I told her “Baby I’m 27 years old and I’ve made mistakes, I’ve made the display, I’ve got precious cargo, and I don’t have to show you who I am. You’re safe with me I’ve told you that I’m three things, baby. A protector, a provider and a penetration in this instance I’ll protect you. …””

The YouTuber highlighted how frightening the event was for them both. In expressing his joy at having survived the drama, he stated:

“It was terrifying We knew that I was speeding too quickly. I hadn’t driven in a while, it was just raining and the roads were not to be taken lightly. I hadn’t been there for some time, and the roads were deteriorating in a way that I wasn’t familiar with. It was bad…There were songs playing “F**king Post Malone ‘Rich & Sad'” was the track that was playing , and it was one that I was almost dying to!”

Although he was in a near-death situation, Paul felt remorseful for the faith his girlfriend displayed to him, and the speed with which the event was completed in only four minutes.

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Social media takes a stand on “All Boys” podcast episode

The podcast was a massive success with people requesting additional “all-boys” shows. As of this writing this article, the episode has been viewed more than 1 million views and tens of hundreds of feedback.

Here’s what some fans have to say about the experience:

In the end the YouTuber was elated to have made it through the episode with his companion.

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