Overwatch 2 “visuals are blurry/nearsighted” glitch: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Characters and gameplay options aren’t the only thing that have been added to Overwatch 2. The shooter finally launched, but it came with a variety of problems with gameplay, like glitches, bugs and bugs that made it difficult for many players to experience the game.

While some of the mistakes didn’t allow players to begin playing however, others stopped matchmaking, one of which literally rendered the images nearsighted and blurring the surrounding.

The blur is among the most annoying bugs that can be found in Overwatch 2, and there are many gamers who had to contend with this issue when they fell into a game.

The issue was first noticed in the shooter’s beta phase, however, it appears to have made its way into the version that is officially released too.

This guide will attempt to explore the root of this “visuals are blurry/nearsighted” glitch in Overwatch 2 and talk about solutions for players who are having issues with it.

What is the cause of this “visuals are blurry/nearsighted” glitch in Overwatch 2 and how to solve it

Although the precise reason for this “visuals are blurry/nearsighted” glitch in Overwatch 2 is uncertain, certain players have speculated that this could be related to the settings in the game.

Many have suggested an idea that the most effective solutions to the issue (before the developers attempt to patch it permanently) is to alter certain aspects features of game’s gameplay as well as visual settings.

Here are some suggestions players can do to combat blur glitches In Overwatch 2:

  • Many have said that the issue can be solved when players turn off the Dynamic Resolution feature and FSR 1.0. This will increase the visual clarity dramatically and may even solve the blur issue many are experiencing when playing the game’s visuals.
  • Additionally, many have suggested that anti-aliasing could be one of the causes of the issue, and switching it off could not only result in better game performance, but could also to reduce blurring effects in the shooter, and prevent it from being activated randomly during matches.
  • This issue may be part of a number of issues players on the Overwatch 2 servers seem to be having. While it may not seem to be a plausible cause initially, many have reported that this issue was usually caused by server issues. Thus, players have to know the shooter’s server status in case they encounter the problem.
  • Update the game to the most current version is also a good method of repairing this nearsighted issue. The latest update patch and downloading the latest version of the game is a different method of fixing the issue.
  • Reinstalling the game is the most drastic option. But, uninstalling the game and then installing the shooter could be the solution that fixes blurring problems.
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If players still experience issues with the “visuals are blurry/nearsighted” glitch in Overwatch 2 then they can either sit and wait for Blizzard to release an update to fix the problem or submit an issue with Blizzard Support.

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