Overwatch 2: What to do if all your skins are missing?

Overwatch 2 has finally launched after lots of anticipation.

It was, however, disappointing for fans who had been anticipating the game to start. The day of the game’s arrival, it was plagued by various bugs and network issues. Players complained of being disconnected during games and being stuck in long lines, not being able to log in, and more.

One of the things that annoyed players the most was the fact that all of the game skins they had previously owned were gone.

Overwatch 2 is an action-packed hero shooter title by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s the sequel to the wildly loved first-person shooting game Overwatch (2016). It’s a no-cost game that has two teams with five players, and players choose ‘Heroes’ that have specific abilities and abilities. They are split into three roles like Tank, Support and DPS. each has a different role during the game.

This article provides a deeper review of the problem of skins disappearing from Overwatch 2.

Everything players should be aware of missing skins and missing items in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s server was shut down when it first began its launch because of massive DDoS attack that rendered many players inaccessible because of lengthy waiting lists.

Many owners of the game complained about the skins they received in the game as well as stats that were not included in the game prior to launch. Many are concerned because they’ve put in a significant amount of money and hours to acquire these. This is mostly a concern with Overwatch 1.

The issue was that Blizzard quickly responded to this time. It was mentioned immediately in their “Known Issues” post on the official Blizzard forum. It included the following:

“Some cosmetics, items, and currency that players own are not showing up in their collections.”

The issue is due to a bug within their systems. It will be resolved in the near future by releasing a patch or fixing. While we wait, let us look at a few solutions to help them recover the skins and other items they have earned.

There are fixes that could be able to restore skins lost in Overwatch 2

Although they can’t be guaranteed to work due to being a server-side error but players are able to implement them to ensure that the issue doesn’t lie with them. There are a few possible solutions to the missing skins from Overwatch 2:

  • Check first the console you are using and Battle.net accounts are linked. If not, head to the Connections page on Battle.net and connect your accounts. If it’s already been done you can try unlinking them and linking them once more.
  • If you’re playing operating an PC check that your account as well as the game’s region are identical. In Battle.net, on the Battle.net application, simply click your profile icon located in the upper left corner. It will display the area which your profile is in. Then, go to the tab called “title” and then click on the ‘globe icon located above playing button. Then, choose the region where your account is located from.

Although it’s not required for both regions to be identical the same server, setting them both at the same location may aid in removing the issue.

If, in any event, these methods fail to work , or your skins haven’t been in your game for some time, you may want to think about contacting the support team at Blizzard for assistance.

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