Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Beta version has now added Japan servers: Check Details

Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Beta version is now available. Japan servers.Rainbow 6 Mobile. The mobile version has launched on the 12th of September and players are now able to play Rainbow Six Mobile in select nations around the globe. Although the Alpha test was restricted only to US and Canada The first closed beta was initially open to users from seven nations, and that was a great news for mobile gamers.

In the beginning, via an official tweet by @Rainbow6Mobile, the game’s developer announced that the game for mobile will be released in 7 countries in the closed beta test. Here’s a list of countries in which players have played R6 Mobile:

  • India
  • Canada
  • US
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Singapore
  • Philippines

After the launch of the closed beta version 11 days later, Rainbow 6 mobile announced that Japan will also join them. The closed beta version of the game is scheduled to be launched in the month of October. We anticipate several more countries to continue joining one at a time. In a few days, the fans will be able to see additional countries being joined to the private beta of Rainbow 6 mobile.

In addition, we must be aware this: the Closed trial was at first available only for Android users. iOS users will need wait for a while before they can play this game with their iPhones or iPads.

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At during the Ubisoft conference, Justin Swan, creative director of Rainbow Six Mobile, detailed some of the major features and enhancements you will observe within the beta closed. He also confirmed that the game was improved in the last few days thanks to all the feedback from the community.

For everyone’s enjoyment it is possible enjoy Rainbow Six Siege Mobile on three maps namely Bank, Border, and Clubhouse. Let us know what your experience has been playing the game. If you’re from a country that isn’t getting this beta game. Share your thoughts and response if it pertains to your country.

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