Scaramouche Wanderer Ascension materials list for Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has just released its first official look at Scaramouche’s new Wanderer form. When he’s released in the next 3.3 update, players will be able use them on their teams. Fans who want to summon him can start prefarming materials to ensure that he arrives fully equipped.

Players will want to ensure they have enough materials to level their Wanderer up as much as possible, as he is an amazing DPS option that can do a lot of damage to his foes.

These are the things that the Wanderer will need in order to ascend in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact guide: Wanderer Ascension materials

Players can now begin farming to earn Wanderer’s Ascension materials, which are available in-game.

He will be able deal a lot of damage as a main DPS character once he reaches his highest Ascension. Fans will want him to be upgraded to the maximum level. Scaramouche’s new form will be available during the game’s update to 3.3. This will give players plenty of time to collect these items.

  • 3 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
  • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
  • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
  • 6 Vayuda Turquoise gemstones
  • 46 Perpetual Caliber
  • 168 Rukkhashava Mushrooms
  • 18 Older Handguard
  • 30 Kageuchi Handguard
  • 36 Famed Handguard

Perpetual Caliber, Vayuda Turquoise

Sumeru’s Aeonblight Drake boss is one that fans can defeat and take down. It will also drop the Perpetual Calibers Wanderer will need in order to ascend. To obtain 46 counts of the resource needed to reach max level, fans will have to defeat this boss several times. It can be difficult to defeat without the right team.

The Aeonblight Drake is easy to defeat if you bring an archer. It has a huge weak spot that can be exploited by a charged shot. This method allows fans to quickly defeat the boss and obtain all the items they need.

Vayuda Turquoise is available from any boss associated with Anemo. This gives players many options. These crystals are not available from Aeonblight Drake, so fans will have to fight Maguu Kenki and the Anemo Hypostasis.

Rukkhashava mushrooms

Rukkhashava Mushrooms are likely to take the longest time to grow out of all Wanderer’s Ascension materials. These mushrooms are scattered across Sumeru and can be difficult-to-reach places.

There are still plenty of them to be collected, so fans won’t need to keep collecting them every day to get the 168 required to attain max Ascension.


Genshin Impact handguard farming used to be difficult, but fans now have many options to defeat wandering Ronin or Kageuchi all over the region.

When defeated, these foes drop tons of Ascension material. Fans will need plenty to help their Wanderer reach its maximum rank.

Genshin Impact players have the ability to easily farm the materials needed to upgrade their Wanderer’s rank to maximum before his release.

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