Top 3 action games for wrestling and MMA fans

Wrestling and mixed martial art (MMA) both are connected communities. The majority of people begin their journey with wrestling before moving on to MMA. The most popular subcultures associated to these groups are gaming and horror. This list will concentrate on the latter.

WWE games have been popular throughout the decades. Starting from No Mercy to WWE 2K22 The titles vary from arcade-like to sim. In addition to a few releases, the majority are loved by their fans.

However, MMA games have endured less of a journey than other games. Their popularity increased because of the cult UFC Undisputed series. The most recent game fans can test will be EA Sports UFC 4, launched in 2020.

This list will not include typical wrestling and MMA games. Instead, it’ll comprise three action games which combine elements from these two games in the best manner possible.

Three of the most thrilling action games, with a particular emphasis of wrestling, and MMA

3) Saints Row 2

Saints Row is a series of open-world action games developed by Volition and published by THQ. There are six installments in the series, including the most recent one, Saints Row (2022).

Saints Row 2 was released in 2008 and had an engaging storyline, as well as extreme side activities. The game also comes with an extensive creator suite that was far ahead of the times.

The storyline is about the rebuilding of your gang, 3rd Street Saints, and also reclaiming the Saints Row district from rival criminals and the Ultor corporate.

Let’s discuss the thing that is sure to delight fans of wrestling and MMA players by the combat system. Saints Row 2 has unique combat mechanics. The game features finishing moves and combo attacks and each team having a distinctive combat style, ranging from capoeira to martial arts.

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This game also renowned for its humor that sets it apart against similar games from the Grand Theft Auto series.

2) Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an open-world adventure game created by United Front Games and published by Square Enix. In 2012, the game was released. The game was praised for its voice acting, combat and portrayal the city of Hong Kong.

The story centers around Wei Shen, a former San Fransisco police officer who was transferred to Hong Kong and assigned the job of infiltrating and eliminating the triad known as Sun On Yee. Sun On Yee. Wei is required to find an equilibrium between the undercover mission while rising through the Sun On Yee’s ranks.

Wrestling and MMA enthusiasts will love the sport’s fluid combat system which is split into three fundamental commands: attack grapple, counter and attack. The three keys can be combined to create unique combinations. From knees that fly to takedowns, Sleeping Dogs has something for every player. It also lets players to battle opponents coming from different directions.

Its fighting system was perfectly prepared for an open world setting. It featured aspects from Muay Thai, grappling, kickboxing, and much more.

1) Def Jam – Fight for NY

Def Jam: Fight for NY is a hip-hop action game that was released by EA Games in 2004. It’s a sequel of Def Jam Vendetta.

The game includes the 67 characters that can be played, including hip-hop artists such as Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and more. Alongside these stars there are notable famous names such as Danny Trejo and Henry Rollins.

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The predecessor was initially wrestler-based, Fight for NY focused on five different principles of fighting. The players have the choice to pick one, two, and three fight styles. The styles include streetfighting, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Submissions and Wrestling.

The match can be ended through submission or knockout. The game allows players to utilize their surroundings and crowds surrounding them to cause harm.

Fight for NY features a story mode that centers on the character created by the player who fights for his life in his way through the New York underground scene. The mode lets you unlock new characters and special moves, as well as venues and costumes. In addition, Battle mode lets you to play one-onone against the CPU or your buddies.

The game is one unique combinations of fighting techniques that result in unique moves. The sport of wrestling and MMA are the main components of the game, which is an important reason for it being included in this listing.

Additionally, it offers an incredible mix of hip-hop inspired music as well as combat sports.

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