All three Genshin Impact 3.0 character abilities and Dendro MC skills revealed

All three Genshin Impact 3.0 character abilities and Dendro MC skills revealed ahead of Sumeru release

The latest Genshin Impact leaks have revealed new information regarding characters that are coming that will be included in 3.0 version. 3.0 update. They have suggested the appearance of three new characters based on Sumeru and Travelers getting Dendro abilities. Here’s a brief overview of the most recent leaks:

  • Tighnari (5-star): Dendro Bow
  • Collei (4-star): Dendro Bow
  • Dori (4-star): Electro Claymore
  • Dendro Traveler

The article below will discuss the most recent leaks about The new character Sumeru, as well as Dendro Traveler within Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 3.0: Leaks reveal the list of characters to be introduced in Sumeru update

A credible leaker Ubatcha has released a wealth of information, which include new characters set to be introduced during the update 3.0 update. Based on leaks they have revealed, Sumeru update will introduce new characters. Sumeru update will include new 5-stars, two new 4-stars and Travelers will gain Dendro abilities after interfacing through Sumeru’s Statue of the Seven.

Tighnari (5-star)

Tighnari will be the very first five-star male Sumeru character that will get introduced into Genshin Impact. It is not surprising that Tighnari has a vision similar to Dendro and is a master of bow weapons. In the most recent leaks sources have claimed that he is the Elemental Mastery of Dendro Ganyu.

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Like Ganyu, Tighnari has two levels of his charged attacks which produce more arrows capable of tracking opponents. Furthermore, the leaks reveal that his skills and bursts are mostly focused on dealing damage and improving the ability of homing archers. This suggests the possibility that Tighnari might be the very one of the first Dendro DPS character for players to draw using The 3.0 banners.

Collei (4-star)

Collei can be described as one of the four-star characters to debut within Genshin Impact’s update 3.0 update. In the manga’s official version Collei was the test character of Fatui Harbinger. She was also shown to possess powerful powers even without vision.

The latest leaks indicate that Collei has the Dendro vision. She is also likely to have an adorable pet that looks a lot like Baron Bunny. In addition, the report suggests that Collei is capable of throwing a massive boomerang. It may be related to with her capabilities and perhaps her Elemental Burst, as she is proficient with bows.

Dori (4-star)

Dori is the final character that will be released under the Genshin Impact 3.0 banner. According to new leaks, she’s got the same design as Sayu and also has the same Claymore. The leaks indicate that she is equipped with Electro vision, and that a portion of her abilities could provide healing that is like Kuki Shinobu.

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In the event that these leaks prove accurate, Dori could be an on the team as an off-field healer. There’s no information on her equipment, which means that players have to keep an eye on any information or announcements.

Dendro Traveler

In the 3.0 update to Genshin Impact, Travelers will go to Sumeru as well, which is where they’ll be able to unlock their Dendro abilities. Based on leaks from the past, Dendro Traveler can summon an object that is similar to Lisa’s burst. It is believed to inflict damage on those who are within the range of its AoE.

The thing that makes this ability distinct is the fact that players can mix other elements in order to enhance it. Infusing Hydro can increase the range of AoE for attacks, combining Electro will increase the amount of firing. In addition, players can use Pyro to explode and cause AoE damage.

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