How to easily add symbols and icons to your Clan tag in Modern Warfare 2?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 introduces a number of new features and modifications to the series. The Gunsmith system is a prime example of the developer’s emphasis on customization. Players can now add unique icons and symbols to their Clan tags by focusing on the customization options.

Modern Warfare 2 allows you to personalize your Calling Cards, Emblems and Clan tags. You can input a few characters to represent the clan that the player is a member of in the Clan tag section. This acts as an identifying mark and will always be displayed before the actual name. Gamers can use numbers or letters in this area, but not just letters.

This article explains how symbols and icons are used in Modern Warfare 2’s Clan tag section.

All the information fans need about how to add symbols and icons to Modern Warfare 2’s Clan tag

It is easy to add icons or symbols to a Clan tag. This can be done in a matter of minutes. This feature is already built into the game so users don’t need to download any third-party software or apps to use it. Players will still need codes to access these icons and symbols.

These icons and symbols, such as changing the color your name’s font, are represented by codes that can be entered in the Clan tag section on the player’s profile. This allows the user to stand out in the lobby and attracts attention.

Here are some ways to add icons and symbols to your Clan tag, Modern Warfare 2.

1) Launch Modern Warfare 2 first and then select “Edit Clan Tag.” This option is located in the top-right corner of your screen under profile options.

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2) Here, insert NKo (Unicode block) characters. [Check the section below]

3. Now, press the “Save” button to exit. Your Clan tag will now have the icon/symbol.

4) To remove it, remove all characters from Edit Clan tag and save it.

Not all systems work with this method.

All icons and symbols

Here is a list with all codes for Modern Warfare 2 profiles that you can copy, paste and modify in your Clan tag section.

  • x – X key (Works on any keyboard letter or number key).
  • – Left Stick
  • Right Stick
  • – Left Stick
  • – Right Stick
  • – Left Stick
  • Right Stick
  • Vault Arrow
  • Dpad
  • – Plus
  • – Minus
  • – White Caution
  • – Two Arrows
  • – Two Arrows
  • Lock
  • Skull
  • – Cod Point
  • – Up Arrow
  • – Down Arrow
  • – Left Arrow
  • Right Arrow
  • Mouse 1
  • Mouse 2
  • – Mouse 3
  • Mouse 4
  • Mouse 5
  • Mouse Wheel Down
  • Mouse Wheel Up
  • – Mouse
  • Activated Mic
  • – Ammo
  • Orange Caution
  • – Crosshair
  • – Skull w/ Lightning
  • – Unlock Icon
  • Square w/ X
  • Square
  • – Arrow Circle
  • Noob Tube
  • – Underbarrel Shotgun
  • Scroll Wheel
  • – Right Mouse with Arrows
  • – MW2 Key
  • – Hitmarker
  • Party Icon
  • Gunsmith Icon
  • – Green Checkmark
  • – Yellow Arrow Circle
  • Yellow Paper
  • Red Caution
  • Stealth Bomber
  • VTOL Jet
  • – Wheelson

This article will explain how to add custom icons and symbols on your Modern Warfare 2 Clan tags. Using such components can increase the customization and fun factor.


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