How to easily earn Mother Tokens in Warframe

Digital Extremes’ Warframe features various in-game resources as well as currencies that players can to acquire and utilize to unlock various options and enhance their characters.

One of the most important resources that is essential to the game mechanic of shooting can be found in Mother Tokens, which allows players to improve their standing through The Entrati Syndicate.

Once they have done this, they’ll have access to items of high value in The Daughter of Necralisk, allowing their characters to grow dramatically, which makes some of the game’s content that is late-game simpler to grind.

Mother Tokens aren’t really very difficult to obtain in Warframe however, some members of the community are struggling to get these tokens.

In the first place, there are two options to acquire these tokens within the game. Today’s guide will discuss each of them to assist players gain Mother Tokens as they progress through the main story of Warframe.

How do I easily get Mother Tokens within Warframe

As we’ve mentioned in the article, there are two ways that players can earn Mother tokens within Warframe. One option is to obtain this resource by doing your Necralisk Field Bounties following speaking to Mother as well as the second is to obtain these after making trades with Grandmother.

1.) Field Bounties from Mother

One of the easiest methods to obtain Mother Tokens within Warframe is through Field Bounties. In order to complete this task all players will be required to get toward Mother at Necralisk and engage with her, thus opening the menu for bounties and registering for a couple of the tokens.

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The players will need to keep an focus on the bonus objectives for these bounties and achieving those goals is recommended for getting the most value out of them.

Below is a listing of the bounty tiers as well as the amount of Mother Tokens the players will be able obtain after having completed each of them:

Tier 1:

  • Level 5 to 15
  • 12 Mother Tokens

Tier 2:

  • Level 15 to 25
  • 30 Mother Tokens

Tier 3

  • Level 25 to 30
  • 45 Mother Tokens

Tier 4

  • Level 30 to 40
  • 85 Mother Tokens

Tier 5

  • Level 40 to 60
  • 136 Mother Tokens

Tier 5 (Steel Path)

  • Level 100
  • 150 Mother Tokens

Warframe players who believe they’re capable enough and are seeking a challenge are advised to go for one of the Tier 5 and the Steel Path bounty. It is the most amount of Mother Tokens of all the missions which allows them to rank quicker by joining those in the Entrati Syndicate.

2) Finding the Mother Tokens via Grandmother

Another method to get Mother Tokens Warframe is to trade the tokens with Grandmother. Players can trade some of their assets, such as for instance, the Camion Drift through the “Mend the Family” option while talking to Grandmother in order to get some mother tokens.

Although it’s a viable method to earn Mother Tokens while playing the shooter, it’s not recommended for those who are just starting out and who aren’t yet ready to grow their characters to be effective for game’s final stages.

This is due to the fact that the resources Grandmother demands to purchase Mother Tokens are extremely important, and this exchange should only be made in the event that players are not getting much success in completing certain tougher bounties.

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What do Mother Tokens serve within Warframe?

in the 3rd-person shooting, Mother Tokens are primarily used to purchase items specific to The Nights of Naberus event. But, they also have another function that is to earn 100 Entrati Standing while making trades with Grandmother or even exchange to Grandmother Tokens.

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