Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party: Best fan-made animations and full livestream link

A stunning fan-created stream of Genshin Impact’s second Anniversary Party on September 23 2022. Even though the party has ended however, there are still Travelers excitedly discussing the event. Therefore, it’s pertinent enough to talk about here.

Here’s a hyperlink to the livestream to those who not seen it:

Fan-made events typically are budget-friendly, but this one was impressive enough to be mistaken as being produced by HoYoverse. This article will highlight some of the most memorable clips, and also the participants who reacted to the entire incident.

Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party: Amazing fan-made animations and art

A lot of tweets that are associated in Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party. Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party have a large number of likes. This is a great illustration, since it displays four adorable photos that show a number of characters gazing at fireworks.

Of obviously, there are lesser-popular tweets that are nevertheless full of emotion in regards to the animated creations by fans. In general, the public’s opinion on social media is overwhelmingly positive with regard to livestreams.

Some of the most watched clips have made it onto YouTube and have been viewed over 100,000 views to date. This video is a great illustration of this. Click on it to watch some amazing animation featuring the Fatui Harbingers. Particularly beginning at 1:08 and continuing to 1:08.

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The general reaction to this fan-created video has been extremely positive. The majority of Fatui Harbingers aren’t seen by the players, however this animated video is a great way to capture the essence of the characters well.

The video has been republished numerous times and is now one of the top clips of Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party livestream. Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party livestream.

A few animations were made with the game’s in-game model. The concept of Itto playing a race on a cart to beat Lumine, Ayaka, Yoimiya along with Yae Miko is just as absurd as it is. But, it can be quite hilarious in certain instances, like where one of Anemo Slimes was crushed.

It also had live-action versions of a soccer match that featured Genshin Impact’s loved characters. The costumes were done beautifully, and that’s talking about how much effort has been put into concept of the Teyvat Football Champion League.

Yelan fans will also appreciate the 3D animation. The lighting is stunning, Yelan gets a ton of screen time while the scenes of action exciting. Yelan basically slaps Fatui people in what could describe as Hollywood-inspired action movie.

A lot more Yelan Content is always positive thing.

There are too many clips to include in one article as the livestream ran for nearly two hours in length. This final 2D animated sequence makes an excellent way to end the stream for readers to appreciate.

Shenhe looks stunning here as do Xingqiu, and Chongyun are also getting some attention.

A crucial reminder to those who have enjoyed what they saw from Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party is that Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party is that everything that’s shown in it is made by fans. The images may appear high-end at times however, this doesn’t mean it’s authentic.

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The fact that players created something that was so beautiful and well-loved is a testimony to the passion of the community for this game.

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