Invisible Luxurious chest in Sumeru desert: Genshin Impact guide

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru is a vast region that has a wealth of secrets, ranging from massive structures to hidden ruinarios.

People who have explored Sumeru’s desert zone may have missed an invisibly Luxurious Chest that is floating over the earth on an unnoticed platform. It’s difficult to view it from below since it won’t be visible until you are close enough to grasp it.

Fortunately, finding the hidden Luxurious Chest isn’t that difficult. If players can locate it, they’ll be able to access it and earn some quick reward.

This article looks at how to locate the chest, by making use of an invisibility floor leading to the location.

The quest to unlock the invisibility Luxurious Chest to unlock the Luxurious Chest Genshin Impact isn’t too hard provided that players are aware of the right path to follow

Begin by heading to the northernmost point of Sumeru’s desert. you will find a waypoint for teleports located near a massive gap within the sand.

After you’ve teleported to this point, you’ll be required to jump into the huge blast of wind that emerges from the hole. Before falling, you must activate your glider, so that it lifts you into the air.

Slide to the left until you reach an invisible wall which will block your way.

The wall that is invisible will serve as your guide to locate the platform in close proximity as you glide along until you can see a floor beneath your feet.

Once it appears you can walk slowly across it, but be cautious not to wander off away from the path in the event that you fall. When you have walked enough, you’ll be confronted by another wall.

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From here, turn right turn and continue along the road until you come to an uphill. Be cautious not to fall when you come to another abysmal wall.

You can take another left here, and continue to climb the ramp. Continue climbing this ramp until you reach the next wall.

From the final wall make a left, then proceed straight ahead. The Luxurious Chest to open right in front of you.

It is easy to walk by and grab it.

When you open the chest, it will grant you 10 Primogems in addition to Mora Dendro Sigils and other rewards.

The process of obtaining this chest shouldn’t be that difficult as long as you know which way to go about it, however, it is important to ensure you get it for the simple reward.

To summarise this, here’s how to obtain the elusive luxurious chest:

  • Continue to updraft until you get to an invisible wall.
  • Continue ahead until you reach the very first wall. Turn right.
  • Continue walking until you come across another wall. Then turn right.
  • Follow this last path until you get to the wall that you have reached. Left to go to the chest.

Genshin Impact’s newest region is full of treasures hidden in the game, and players will be eager to discover the entire collection.

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