One may search far and wide… Right by the starting point: Genshin Impact Fecund Blessing location

Genshin Impact’s newest event challenges you with locating hidden treasure chests scattered across Mondstadt. Finding these Fecund Blessings could be difficult however, you’ll be given clues to help you locate the chests a lot easier. The chests can be collected to get special furnishings, Mora, and other benefits. The process of collecting them all will reward Primogems as well as Festive Fever which makes getting the Fecund Blessings essential to complete this Of Ballads and Brews event.

This guide will assist you to discover the Fecund Blessing that is hidden just at the beginning point.

One could search all over the world Fecund Blessing for a location in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Of Ballads and Brews event has hidden a variety of unique chests in the area of Mondstadt. You can use the clues of the characters that have hidden the chests to help you locate them. Additionally, the game can show their exact location on the mini-map with a sign which indicates where they’re located whenever a player is close by. The chest is part The Afterparty, which takes place during the third phase of the Fecund Blessings event.

The clue to this Fecund Blessing comes given in form of an riddle. It states that while you can look far and wide, in some cases the treasure may be just at the beginning.

The Fecund Blessing is hidden by Kaeya himself This is why the mystery is much more literal than it appears. To discover this Fecund Blessing it is necessary to go back to the start place of the game making use of the teleport route at the top of Springvale.

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From there, you can go to the area which is where you’ll find the place where Fecund Blessing event began, and you’ll discover the chest in the back of the board. When you get close the chest, the game will place its location on the map. This makes it easier to find. It is also possible to utilize the above image to help you determine how to find this Fecund Blessing. Once you have unlocked it, you’ll receive the following:

  • Landscape Accessory: Appropriately Sweetened
  • 20,000x Mora
  • 2x Shivada Jade Fragment

This Landscape Accessory will help you meet the requirements of the event, and can unlock a few more Primogems.

Another Fecund Blessings from the Afterparty

You’ll need to collect all The Fecund Blessings that you received from The Afterparty to complete the page for the event. This will give you an extra Festive Fever as well as several great rewards, including Primogems and other unique items. There is also the possibility of grabbing the exclusive 4-star Polearm during this event and you must try to finish everything by the time the event is over. Use the video above to find the additional chests in this phase in the contest.

Genshin Impact players have a number of activities to complete for this year’s Of Ballads and Brews event which fans shouldn’t want to miss all of it.

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