Top 10 best PUBG Mobile Weapon Skins

Top 10 best PUBG Mobile Weapon Skins 2022

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world with a thriving competitive scene. The gameplay is the same as that of the PC. But where the mobile port was able to shine through was the myriad cosmetics. These items were made according to a variety of different themes depending on the season.

Among all the weapons in the game, there are plenty of skins available to customize the look of each one. However, some skins are more impressive than others. Here are some of the best skins in PUBG Mobile.

Best PUBG Mobile weapon skins List

1: Blood and Bones M16A4

PUBG Mobile Weapon Blood and Bones M16A4 Skins

Upgrading the M16A4 will increase the bone and blood coverage of the weapon, with the design covering more of the gun. This weapon also includes a range of effects, such as a kill effect that shows bones appearing from the ground and a kill message that provides a unique boost when players eliminate others. Although there are many upgradeable weapons in the game, Blood and Bones is one of the best.

2: The Fool M416

PUBG Mobile Weapon The Fool M416 Skins

The M416 is the weapon with most of the best skins in the game, and The Fool skin is no exception. Featuring a distinctive purple color with a mouth drawn on the side of the pistol, this leather is very impressive from an aesthetic point of view.

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The Fool set is one of the best in the game, but even a weapon alone can partner with any look to look great. Although it is no longer available, players who managed to obtain this skin have had access to one of the best players in the game.

3: Terror Fang Kar98K

PUBG Mobile Weapon Terror Fang Kar98K Skins

Another upgradeable weapon, this time for the Kar98K, the Terror Fang offers a simple but unique look to a regular weapon. Starting with the basic gray exterior, as the weapon is upgraded, the cracking pattern will first be lit in blue and then, once fully upgraded, in orange lava.

The weapon is also accompanied by a gentle killing effect which will see molten rock rise from the ground. This weapon was released as part of a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Godzilla and is no longer available for purchase.

4: L&Q Chicken M762

PUBG Mobile Weapon L&Q Chicken M762 Skins

L&Q Chicken is one of the most unusual skins in the game, and it definitely stands out from the others in the game. As its name suggests, this leather M762 turns into a mechanical chicken with a barrel protruding from the beak and a stock attached to its neck.

This skin was originally available in the Royal Pass, but was occasionally available in the Store. Due to its rarity, this is one of the most sought-after skins in the game.

5: 8-Bit Unicorn M762

PUBG Mobile Weapon 8-Bit Unicorn M762 Skins

Another great skin for the M762 is the 8-bit Unicorn. This skin takes a more subtle approach than many of the other skins available in the game.

As this weapon is upgraded, it will slowly get more technical coverage until it is completely covered in rainbow pixel quality. Another aesthetic change is the rear end of the weapon, which takes on a completely split shape unlike the curved appearance of all other pistol shapes. If you’re looking for skin that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is something you should have.

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6: Draconian Champion M16A4

PUBG Mobile Weapon Draconian Champion M16A4 Skins

One of the simplest skins on the list is Draconian Champion, which is incredibly elegant and impressive for in-game viewing. There is not much to break this weapon. It is an M16A4 base body wrapped in a gold dragon. This skin proves that you don’t need flashy theatrics to get great skin.

7: Mauve Avenger AWM

PUBG Mobile Weapon Mauve Avenger AWM Skins

Another simple skin, the Mauve Avenger is an upgradeable weapon that starts with a simple purple glow over the purple base weapon and eventually evolves into a more colorful LED pattern, enveloping the entire weapon. Since snipers are one of the most popular weapons in PUBG Mobile, Mauve Avenger AWM is a great choice for any player.

8: Desert Fossil AKM

PUBG Mobile Weapon Desert Fossil AKM Skins

The AKM fossil desert skin is encased in some bones in the shape of a dragon. This leather is similar to the skin of the Draconian Champion, but has a completely different color palette, which is distinguished by a beige-brown exterior. The design may be simple, but the Desert Fossil AKM is one of the best weapon skins available in the game.

9: Call of the Wild M416

PUBG Mobile Weapon Call of the Wild M416 Skins

Currently the best upgradeable weapon implementation in PUBG Mobile, this skin starts out impressive and evolves into something great when at the maximum level. If you are looking for a look that is as impressive to the user as it is to other players, then Call of the Wild is an excellent choice.

10: Field Commander AWM

PUBG Mobile Weapon Field Commander AWM Skins

While sniping is a popular tactic given the vast distances in PUBG Mobile, the AWM will remain many players’ choice in weaponry. Given this, the Field Commander is a great skin for the weapon. This upgradable cosmetic begins adding only a few yellow highlights to the AWM’s common appearance, but at the maximum level,

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this is completely upgraded with the perfect balance between black and yellow, giving this skin its striking appearance. The clean and simple yet elegant look is one of the reasons this skin remains one of the best in the game today.


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