Top 3 features in Free Fire OB37 Advance Server

Garena usually launches an Free Fire Advance Server to try out the features of the coming major update and find any glitches or bugs. It is the official OB37 update is set to release in the coming months, and it’s Advance Server for it has recently been made available.

The server’s introduction has provided players with an understanding of the many enhancements that will be available in the version of OB37. Some of the most significant highlights include the introduction of a brand new pet, a brand-new weapon and many more. The details of the three most notable highlights are provided below.

NOTE: The content of this article represents the personal opinions of the writer. It is crucial to keep in mind that there are many features included in Free Fire Advance Server. Free Fire Advance Server, however, not all of them are released in the final release.

The top 3 features with the Free Fire OB37 Advance Server

3.) New settings including audio Balance, Crosshair Setting, and Reload bar

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Garena has a range of options for customization within the game’s settings that enable players to customize your gaming experiences. Fans have been able to spot three new settings added to the recently released Advance Server: Audio Balance, Crosshair Setting, and Reloadbar.

In essence, The basic idea is that Audio Balance is found under the tab ‘Sound’ and is only available once the microphone is switched on. It allows users to control the volume level of background music and audio effects.

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The Crosshair Settings and Reloadbar are available under the tab “Controls which allows users to alter their crosshairs and refresh the bar according to their preferences.

2.) New weapon The Trogon (shotgun) Trogon (shotgun)

Shotguns are just one of the numerous weapon types that are offered in Free Fire, and are capable of causing with a lot of harm. A brand-new shotgun called “Trogon” is now introduced to the Advance Server, clearly standing apart from the guns available in this category.

The Trogon comes by a gun launcher and users can switch between the two options available: Shotgun and Grenade. This makes it extremely flexible, allowing players to use it in different scenarios. But, it is important to be aware that making use of Grenades could result in injury, and they should exercise caution when playing in Grenade Mode.

1) New pet – Avron

  • Description:To me, every win is a win that’s easy to achieve
  • Name of skill:Dinoculars

A new pet is often introduced on the Fire Advance servers for Free and one of the latest available in the game is named Avron. It has an amazing ability known as Dinoculars. They could be extremely beneficial for players playing on the battlefield.

At the beginning the pet’s ability detects enemies within a 50-meter radius regardless of what place they are. This ability lasts for three minutes, and the results are shared with other players. However, participants should be aware that they are only able to perform the skill for a single time.

At the highest level of Avron the duration will be increased to six seconds and players are able to utilize the pet’s skill twice in the course of a game. Given its ability to be powerful the pet is expected to alter the meta of the battle royale game title.

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Disclosure: Free Fire is banned in India, and players from India should refrain from using or installing the Battle Royale game to their device. However, they can continue to play the MAX version, as it’s not included in the banned applications.

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