How to get Road to Booyah music in Free Fire MAX

Booyah Day celebrations are always held with Free Fire MAX in November, and Garena has stuck with the fashion once again. The 3rd Thursday of November 2022, celebrations began to make their appearance by introducing the calendar of events.

Alongside the game-related events like Booyah Top-Up, Your Potential Missions, Travel Mission, and other events, one is able to find a login-based game that is known as “Log in For Music.” Participants can log in to the game and receive a reward daily by participating in the Booyah Day-themed event.

In the following section readers will be able to know more about the Log for Music event on Garena Free Fire MAX.

Log in to participate in the Music event How can you claim your no-cost Road to Booyah audio in Free Fire MAX (November 2022)

The most recent event began on the 3rd of November, along with different Booyah Day offerings in the game. As per the program the event will be open for five days and will be shut down after the 7th of November. Therefore players can get the following rewards from Garena’s battle royale game following having logged in for a specific amount of days:

Rewards for the Log for Music event

  • A single unit (a loaded-out object) (a loadout item)Log onto the game to play for a day
  • 100 Gold unitsLog in for two consecutive days
  • One Diamond Royale CouponLog in to the online game and play for 3 days
  • One-Wave Royale CreditLog in to the online game and play for 4 days
  • Route towards Booyah tune (usable within the lobby and other areas of the game) —Log to the game and play for five days
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An easy guide for how to claim the reward of no cost within the Log in For Music event.

Here’s how to claim all the rewards of the most recent log-in-dependent Free Fire MAX Booyah Day event:

Step 1. Open Garena Free Fire MAX on your tablet, smartphone or PC or laptop (only available to Android emulators).

Step 2: Sign in to the game with the account that is linked to your FF/FFMAX account.

If, however, you are using a guest account it is recommended to connect your account to an alternative. It provides you with the security of your game information following an upgrade or removal. Furthermore, connecting your game data to a certain social media platform allows players to sync their game accounts with Free Fire and its MAX version.

Step 3.After login to the name, you need to click on the calendar icon within the lobby area to open the section for events.

4.You need to choose”Booyah Day” from the “Booyah Day” tab from the section for events and start”Log In For Music” “Log in For Music” event.

5.Claim your reward and go back to the lobby.

You have to repeat the procedure each day through September 7, 2022 to get your Road to Booyah music in Garena Free Fire MAX.

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