Top 5 Pubg Mobile Teams in the World Those Who Dominated the Pubg Mobile Esports in 2022

Top 5 Pubg Mobile Teams in the World Those Who Dominated the Pubg Mobile Esports in 2022

Top 5 Pubg Mobile Teams in the World Those Who Dominated the Pubg Mobile Esports in 2022

Top 5 Pubg Mobile Teams in the World Who Dominated the Pubg Mobile Esports in 2021. It is now time to announce that the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021 League Stages have been completed.

Top nine teams in east and the best six from west teams have been selected to compete in the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals, that will be held on January 21-23in 2022. The 2021 Esports adventure of Pubg Mobile There was numerous twists and turns, but they did manage to cross all barriers that existed.

the top five Pubg Mobile Teams who were the most dominant throughout the year by their incredible performance. They are not organized according to Ranking order.

Alpha7 Esports

Alpha7 Esports is a Brazilian Esports organisation. The team had a great season in 2021. They started their dominance with PMPL Brasil by winning both the League stage and the final stage. Not just in the Season 1 of PMPL Brasil but also in Season 2 story was focused on their success.

They represented Brasil in the PUBG Mobile World Challenge and clinched the first position. But, they were unable to keep their winning streak going during Pubg Mobile Global Championship West however they were able to finish as a Top 5 contender.

Natus Vincere

Navi is a team that hails across the border from Ukraine was also a part of an amazing 2021 season. Navi’s roster had been through several changes in the past year, yet their impressive performance in different competitions. Navi began the year by being ranked 5th in PMGC season 0, and winning a huge prize of $40K.

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They also took home the prize from this year’s PUBG Mobile Championship in season 1. Navi continued to dominate in the PUBG Mobile European championship , securing a top spot and $ 40K. Navi finished their 2021 season in 2nd place on their PMGC West League stage. Fans are all now focused the PMGC Grand Finals.

Stalwart Esports

If we are talking of how PUBG Mobile Esports situation that is taking place in South Asia, You really cannot overlook this team. While it is an Indian-based team, it’s competing from Mongolia which is comprised of Mangolian Players. The team was formed in 2021 and was comprised of Pakistani players. They were able to secure the top 3 spots in the PMCO Pakistan spring split. However, they failed to impress at South Asian Pubg Mobile Events.

On August 20, 2021 Stalwart Esports relocated from Mongolia. Mongolia, Stalwart Esports secret 3rd position in the PUBG Mobile Mena and South Asia Championship, and cash prizes of $18K. Stalwart Esports also ended their 2021 adventure on a positive start with top 3 spots on the PMGC East as well as 102,500 dollars in prize money.

Team Secret

Team Secret members are Muhammad Izzrudin “Jumper” Hashim, Raymond “IShotz” Tan, Aekachai “MADTOI” Areesanan, Muhammad Danish “KiD” Yusniza, Muhammad Danish “KiD” Yusniza and Jay “Y2K” Lim. — Mineski Malaysia

Team Secret entered Pubg Mobile in February 2021 after the signing of Malaysian Players. The Team Secret players include Raymond “IShotz” Tan, Aekachai “MADTOI” Areesanan, Ahmad Fuad “Fredo” Razali, Muhammad Izzrudin “Jumper” Hashim, Muhammad Danish “KiD” Yusniza, and Jay “Y2K” Lim. Team Secret. The Team won PMPL MYSG season 1 and season 2 in turn.

Team Secret has emerged triumphant in this year’s PMPL South East Asia Championship Season 4 winning the cash prize of $30,800. Team Secret won the PMGC East Team Secret may not live up to the expectations of fans. their fans are watching PMGC Grand Finals.

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Nova Esports

Since the inception of Pubg Mobile Esports in 2018 The team has made an impact across every platform and global event. Nova Esports started their 2021 with a win at the very first PUBG Mobile Global Championship season 1 with a prize sum of $700K. While Season 1 and Season 2 of Peacekeeper elite didn’t perform well, Nova Esports come back with a vengeance in Season 3.

For Pubg Mobile Global Championship season 1 Nova Esports secured 4th position in the league stage , despite having a shakey performance in the beginning of the event. However, the same thing happened during PMGC season 0, where Nova finished 8th in the league stage but managed to get 1st place in Grand Finals. Grand Finals event

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