How to unlock the overpowered blue dot optic in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offers a wide range of customization options. Gunsmith 2.0 allows players to customize their guns with various attachments. The blue dot optic, also known as the “Cronen Mini Pro”, has caught the attention of many players.

This is one of the most desired sights right now. It can be used with almost all weapons in the game, and will give users a clear view to their targets. The Gunsmith 2.0 progression system is a little complicated. Players are having difficulty obtaining attachments for their guns.

This article explains how to unlock the blue dot optic in Modern Warfare 2.

Fans need to learn everything they can about unlocking the Cronen Mini Pro sight from Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2’s optic sight, the Cronen Mini-Pro, is called this. Because it provides a blue dot, it is a popular sight among fans. There are 36 optical sights in total, but only two of them have a blue dot. The Cronen Mini Pro is one, and the Corio RE-X Pro is the other.

The Corio RE-X Pro weighs in at over a pound and takes up much of the space needed to aim their sights. Players prefer the former. Cronen Mini Pro is different. It’s sleek and simple, so gamers can see clearly when they zoom in.

You will need to equip the Shotgun – Expedite 12 to unlock the Cronen Mini Pro and move up to Level 7. Once you have completed this, the blue dot optical sight will be available for all weapons that support it.

The attachment description misleads you. It claims the sight is a red dot when it’s actually blue.

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The Cronen Mini Pro’s Benefits in Modern Warfare 2

The Cronen Mini-Pro offers many benefits to the game, including a rare blue dot red reticle. The sight’s sleek, elegant design allows for a clear view of the targets.

Many scopes are too bulky or not clear enough to allow you to see clearly in this fast-paced shooter. Cronen is an excellent weapon choice that can be used to engage in close-to-mid-range combat, such as with assault rifles and sub-machine guns.

Clear sight allows you to effectively control recoil as you can see exactly where your bullets are travelling. This attachment makes it easy to counter the recoil pattern.

This is everything you need to know about unlocking Cronen Mini Pro in Modern Warfare2.

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