Where to find all records in Bayonetta 3? Collectible locations revealed

Nintendo’s action-adventure exclusive series Bayonetta is a hit for its outrageous climactic sequences returning on October 28th, with its main protagonist Umbra Witch in Bayonetta 3. In comparison to other action-adventure games The Bayonetta games don’t have an extensive storyline. The most recent version is split into chapters that run less than 12 to 15 hours of play time to be completed.

In the chapters are available records that can unlock music tracks in the game. The records are in the chapters in the game’s main campaign. This guide will list all the rare records found throughout Bayonetta 3’s chapters. Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3: All records of music that are collectible are revealed in accordance with chapters

All in all, gamers must progress through the Prologue and 14 additional chapters before they can complete Bayonetta 3. Find out the chapters that have records collectible within the chapters.

Prologue The Chaotic Encounter

There are no records that are collectible within the Prologue.

Chapter 1 Searching to find the Answers

There aren’t any records in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: City on Fire

The first record from Bayonetta 3 can be collected at the time players begin Chapter 2. The players must be able to see beyond the place the point at which Verse 1 takes place, or, more precisely they must go straight to the right side of the beginning chapter 2 point to find the recording.

Chapter 3: Feeling of Sinking

The score in Chapter 3 is available after the players have completed three Verse that is in Chapter 3. After the fight is finished you can collect the cards from the right edge in the Verse arena. A record is also found between the two buildings that are located in the region.

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Chapter 4: Worlds Apart

There aren’t any collectible records in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Hot Pursuit

The records of chapter Hot Pursuit chapter can be taken home after you have completed the 5th Verse that is part of chapter has been completed. Go to the rear of the lower level of the area which players must crash through to make it to the battlefield and locate a document.

Chapter 6″Off the Rails

There aren’t any records for Chapter 6.

Chapter 7: Burning Sands

If players spot their way to the Umbran Cat towards the end of the Burning Sands chapter, they will be awarded an Broken Wish Heart by smashing it. Take a trip to the west of the region to locate another record.

Chapter 8 The Croaking Chorus

The players encounter a time-based puzzle that must be completed. The puzzle has to be solved by building platforms that can be crossed by the river of sand. Once you’ve crossed the river halfway you will see an opening in front. Keep pressing the button until the platform in place and then make it to the edge. The evidence will be there.

Chapter 9 The Art of Flying

When they have completed The fourth Verse in the Chapter the players will be taken to the cut-scene which will lead the players to a new section of the chapter. It’s an ancient temple that is brimming with windmills. The record can be found within the 2nd room and is hung in mid-air between two windmills. Move to the right part of the room and let the wind whip you upwards to take the record.

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Chapter 10: Cover of Night

There are no records that can be used for collecting for Chapter 10.

Chapter 11: A Familiar Dance

Players must go to the place where the initial Treasure Chest was located in the chapter. When they arrive, move to the left and you will locate an entrance. Enter the doorway, and then head through the tunnel to discover the record.

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