Best weapons and artifacts for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact 3.2 patch

In the last few years, HoYoverse has built up anticipation and excitement within members of the Genshin Impact community regarding Nahida. There will however be another character with a 5-star rating alongside Nahida, who is among the top damage dealers on the scene. The name of the character is Yoimiya and she is armed with the Pyro vision as well as a bow.

Introduced in the infamous 2.0 upgrade, Yoimiya was often overlooked by the majority of people during her first appearance because she was not a part of the Electro Archon followed her at the time. But as time progressed, her abilities was recognized by the gaming community, which made her extremely capable with the right weapon or artifacts as well as teams.

A few months after her rerun HoYoverse will give everyone a second chance on November 2 to win the Pyro Archer together with Dendro Archon. The following article will walk you through the most valuable weapons and artifacts.

How do you create Yoimiya using the right weapons and artifacts of Genshin Impact 3.2 (2022)

1.) Weapons

Yoimiya’s weapon of choice is the five-star Thundering Pulse, which can only be purchased via gacha. But, you’ll be happy to learn that she’s a powerful weapon even when using F2P weapons. Equipments like Hamayumi of Inazuma as well as Rust Gacha from Inazuma are great examples of powerful weapons for Yoimiya.

To obtain Inazuma’s Bow You will have to send three unidentified Conches for Takashi over the course of seven days. This is a more likely method to acquire an item, Rust is unfortunately locked behind gacha. A good supply of primagems for a banner offers the chance of bringing you an item or a character with a 4 star rating.

Both Hamayumi as well as Rust can boost Yoimiya’s attack damage figures, because Yoimiya’s skills are solely built around the her arrows that she shoots instead of her innate burst. As with other craftsman-friendly Bows, Prototype Crescent stands apart due to its ATK boosts. It is worth noting that Hamayumi is able to produce more important damage numbers up to Refinement 5.

2) Artifacts

While Sumeru introduced several new sets of different characters, old-fashioned artifacts like Shimenawa, Lavawalker or even Crimson Witch still stand true to their original names. For Yoimiya any of the above mentioned sets is a possibility. However, as with other artifact sets, there are certain requirements that you need to be able to meet in order to build the best models.

The real potential of Yoimiya is heavily on a four-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set that can be found at Yashiori Island. This set, however, needs Yoimiya to possess at minimum 15 energy for her burst. Because her set is based upon regular attacks, you will never need to resort to using basic bursts with this set.

To get a better understanding the Shimenawa Reminiscence provides the following boost to the player:

When casting an Elemental Skill, if the character has 15 or more Energy, they lose 15 Energy and Normal/Charged/Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 50% for 10s. The effect won’t occur for the remainder of the duration.

The combination from Raiden, Yelan, Xinqiu and Fischl could be beneficial to the Shimenawa four-pc set. But, as Crimson 4-pc boosts the damage of base elemental reactions associated with Pyro this is a good alternative in EM (elemental mastery) builds.

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