Who is Nezarec in Destiny 2?

The name Nezarec may be familiar to many Guardians from Destiny 2. In addition to mentions in the legends, two pieces of equipment are named in honor of the character. The one can be described as the exotic Warlock Helmet also known as Nezarec’s Sin and the second one,”the Glaive,” is also known as Nezarec’s Whisper.

Both of them are available quickly In Destiny 2, but why do these two items bear the name in honor of an unknown entity? According to legends it could be a long-lasting implication within the game. Here’s a brief overview of the details we know concerning Nezarec from Destiny 2.

Nezarec could not be an antagonist in Destiny 2

Before you can speculate about who this character is take a look at what’s known about his character from Destiny 2. Should Guardians were to look into this Glaive Nezarec’s Whisper legend reads like this:

“Rise as a Disciple and carry this gift with confidence.” –Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness

Eris Morn found this Glaive in The Lunar Pyramid. Therefore, it is likely that he has some connection with that of the Lunar Pyramid. Furthermore the Exotic armor for Warlocks called Nezarec’s Sin contains a fascinating piece of legend as well:

“He is the one who is the final. Sin that covets. The ultimate god of pain – the brightest, purest light at the darkest time. And He will come back. As the guiding light dims and it seems like all is lost, He will be calling to you. Don’t be afraid. Everything He gives you is not so dark as it could appear.

Because Nezarec isn’t a demon but an arch, a fiend as well as vile, in ways that are not known. He is a path and method, just but he is only one among the many. His sin, so vile and divine is that he’ll never cower when the sun sets however, he must be alert as old stars fade away and the new Light shines its first time on this glorious eternity.” The passage is From Of Hated Nezarec

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From both of these sources, it’s obvious that Nezarec was at some period of time, a member of the Witness and was a guardian of The Lunar Pyramid. It is also believed that he was the god of death.

As shown above, dates back to the pre-golden age era prior to the time when the Traveler entered the system. If all the pieces can be taken together, it could be concluded that his return is certain. If one were to look between the words of the passage previously mentioned, it will result in something much more intriguing.

However, before proceeding to the next section There’s another thing Guardians should be aware of. Relics found in the various pirate Hideouts found in the game the relics from Nezarec. They are believed to hold fragments of the power of his father.

They are Nezarec’s body fragments that were taken by the Eliksni, and then divided into pieces to be used as talismans. Although the Lunar Pyramid was the site where Nezarec was burial site and there are at seven tombs dedicated this mysterious Disciple according to The Drifter in an lore chapter.

The Fallen made use of these relics in order to harness their power. Darkness and eventually led to the young Misraaks to become violent, and then the Relics were scattered. With the Vanguard currently securing these relics at H.E.L.M There could be problems brewing for the players of Destiny 2. Before we move on further, we have an additional piece of the puzzle, which is the season-long Exotic in the Destiny 2. Season of Plunder: Delicate Tomb.

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This Exotic may be a container for one of the Nezarec’s sacred relics. The story of this weapon is intriguing as well.

“The dangers within are awe-inspiring for us. They misinterpret the vessel as its contents. They mistake the individual pieces for the entire. They consider their imprisonment to be an opportunity to gain power. They are slaves to their flesh and are unable to see without sight. Incapable of hearing without sound. Incapable of squeezing their thirst due to fear of drowning. 

Their insanity is their salvation. But one of them does only in a limited way. They move from one vessel to the next. A refreshing change. A new format. Another way of giving death. I am made finite. Personal. Delicate and bright to conceal my true self. A feeling of intimacy. They consider me to be is confined however, I am scattered, like vapor on the wind. Again I am becoming.”

This text point to the fact that Nezarec is in the air at present and is in some form of ethereal. Though he’s believed inside the relics the Guardians are gathering during Destiny 2 Season of Plunder There’s a chance that he’s in the world. The relics are just containers for his power.

Everything is extremely precariously situated within Destiny 2 right now. The relics of Nezarec are kept in the H.E.L.M in a location that is home to The Crown of Sorrow, a important artifact connected with the Darkness.

Calus is the Witness’s newest Disciple is also located near the Moon since he’s been designated as the latest Disciple to the Lunar Pyramid. Savathun may very well be doing some Hive mumbo-jumbo , and even interfer with his involvement in the Crown of Sorrow and the relics of Nezarec in the process.

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Following her defeat by the Guardian at the conclusion of Destiny 2 Witch Queen campaign the Witch Queen hasn’t been seen since or heard from since. Her Ghost, Immaru, is as well. The Hive Goddess of Trickery is Hive Goddess who is the goddess of Trickery and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see her interfering in this moment.

Nezarec’s return is almost certain. He’ll be revived in the coming season or during Lightfall. The Drifter added Nezarec’s 4th tomb lies located inside The Jovian airspace.

Jovian airspace is the term used to describe the space around gas giants such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Therefore, it can be speculated that the Vanguard and Calus journey through Neptune during Destiny 2 Lightfall to find Nezarec’s grave.

It’s not clear at present what the significance of this to his resurrecting however it’s likely to be connected to him in a strange manner. However, that may not be too bad to the Vanguard. The Exotic feature of the Delicate Tomb Exotic is called Traitor’s Vessel. This suggests that Nezarec was, in some way committed a crime against The Witness.

The saying goes that “the adversary of the enemies is a friend.” This could be the case for Nezarec as well as the Vanguard too. Furthermore, the lore of Nezarec’s Sin also states that he’ll be present in the midst of the creation for the new Light. This could have implications regarding Destiny 2’s Traveler that is in Destiny 2, but those consequences aren’t yet clear.

In terms of lore, Destiny 2 has always been fascinating, and with the way the game is developing at present it could be in high gear in the next months!

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