Guide to play Pyke in League of Legends season 12

Pyke is one of the champions that has been a part of his League of Legends meta almost for all time. He is a champion that will always be an innovator because of his incredibly versatile equipment.

This article will offer the basics of Pyke. In addition to being a top player, Pyke is also a enjoyable champion to play. In actual fact, Pyke was sort of created to give players the opportunity to express themselves and feel that playing in a support role was dull.

He is a player who alters the way an assist is played, and provides self-satisfaction and the value of the team. In addition it isn’t too difficult to play making him an ideal choice for younger players.

Runes Item Path as well as Gameplay suggestions for playing Pyke to win in League of Legends season 12

Before we proceed prior to doing anything else, it’s essential to give an review of Pyke as a player in League of Legends. As we’ve mentioned, he’s an extremely enjoyable player to play.

Pyke is what players may refer to as slippery. He will lure someone in, take them in, and disappear and then leave. He’s difficult to track and this makes him an enormous threat, particularly against soft ADCs.

Pyke has been identified as one of the champions that is equipped with the grey health bar mechanics found in League of Legends. It means that if the player is invisible, he can heal to regain a portion of the health was lost. The part that is recoverable is gray when he enters stealth mode.

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Pyke can instill a sense of terror in the opponent team, and it’s enjoyable to experiment with this idea. In addition Pyke also has a formidable ultimate that can take out any champion who is below a certain health threshold.

Therefore, Pyke is extremely good at accumulating kills, and is able to snowball games on his own even while in the support position. When it comes to the weaknesses, Pyke probably has only two things that be a hindrance.

One of the reasons is that, despite being extremely slippery, he’s also extremely soft. If he’s locked up it is impossible for Pyke to get out. On top of that, the basis of having a lot of fun it is not uncommon for players to get carried away and hand out shut-down gold to their enemies and this can end up being disastrous.

Rune track to Pyke within League of Legends

Primary Rune (Domination): Hail of Blades, Cheap Shot, Zombie Ward, Treasure Hunter

Secondary Rune (Resolve): Bone Plating, Unflinching

Pyke can be described as a back-up player and is not an auto-attack champion based on auto attack. Thus, some players may think that he will play as a passive player in the lane. But, the runes of Pyke’s makes him able to completely change the prevailing mindset.

Hail of Blades creates Pyke among the most powerful champions to trade with during the beginning of. It is a massive weapon that is able to tear apart soft ADCs. Additionally, Bone Plating keeps him in good health, making it a threat even at the level of 1.

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Item that is built

The build of the item to be used by Pyke to play in League of Legends is as it is:

  • Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Umbral Glaive
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Serpent’s Fang
  • Plated Steelcaps

Therefore, the build for Pyke is built around three different areas , namely vision, damage and speed of movement. Duskblade from Draktharr and Serpent’s Fury provide Pyke with the lethality required to kill champions effortlessly.

Umbral Glaive is clearly vital to maintain vision. the Youmuu’s Ghostblade assists Pyke to get away from uncomfortable situations.

Tips for playing games

Regarding gameplay aspects, one the main aspects to take into consideration about Pyke when playing League of Legends is that Pyke is always out to be the surprise of the game. Pyke is not going to benefit much if team that is playing against him sees him constantly.

So, players must practice playing around in the bush as much as they can. This is the main reason that many players make Umbral Glaive on Pyke before anything else , since it assists in controlling their vision.

The other thing you should be aware of about Pyke is his fearlessness. As we mentioned previously Pyke’s runes permit him to trade very effectively. It is therefore essential that players make use of the same to the greatest extent is possible.

Regarding skill priority in terms of skill prioritization, maximizing Q and E first must be the first prioritization, then W. Always the R skill should be improved as much as you can, since it’s the ability that aids in Pyke to win snowball games during League of Legends.

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