How to get cheap Free Fire diamonds and rewards in 2022

How to get cheap Free Fire diamonds and rewards in 2022

The two primary in-game currencies in Free Fire are known as diamonds and gold. Both have their own uses. However, the first player requests exclusive in-game items.

Not everyone can afford the price of diamonds, so they look for ways to get a better deal and get it at a discount. Among the different options available to them are weekly and monthly memberships.

Guide to getting Free Fire diamonds and other rewards for cheap in 2022

Garena changed the membership system a few updates ago, including additional perks/rewards, more diamonds, and more. Thus, it has become a better option than the normal in-game credit booster when compared in terms of price.

Here are the specifications that users can get to purchase the two available types: Weekly and Monthly:

Weekly Membership

  • Diamonds: 450 diamonds total (100 on the spot, 350 diamonds for daily check-in, i.e. 50 diamonds per day)
  • Other Rewards / Perks: Special Weekly Member Code, Discount Store Privilege, Global EP Badge (8) and Second Chance (used for missed check-in days).
  • Price: INR 159

Monthly Membership

  • Diamonds: 2600 total diamonds (500 on the spot, 2100 diamonds for daily check-in, i.e. 70 diamonds per day)
  • Other rewards/perks: Unique monthly member code, discount store privilege, second change (5), global EP badge (60), weapon skin gift box
  • Price: INR 799
  • In addition, users will also get the benefits of Super VIP membership if they purchase monthly and weekly at the same time.

Steps to purchasing membership in the game

Here are the steps players can take:

Step 1: When Free Fire is opened on the devices, players have to click on the “Membership” icon, as shown in the image below:

Step 2: This will redirect players to the Membership tab, where they can choose the desired person and complete the payment.

Step 3: After successfully completing the purchase, users can reap the benefits of membership.

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