How to unlock the secret cow level in Diablo 2

Secret cow levels of Diablo 2 isn’t really a secret any more. The rumor that was first made during the initial installment of Diablo became a reality in the sequel to the series. To add more excitement this secret cow-level is included inside Diablo 2 Resurrected, so that even the latest generation of gamers can travel deep into the underworld to take on well cows!

Although it may appear like a major gimmick however, it’s an excellent spot to mine for treasure. This is also the sole location in the game that players can lay the Cow King’s leathers. The armor set isn’t worth to much in the game however it’s nice to have it to display as an award.

Here’s how players can get access to this secret cow inside Diablo 2.

How do I get into Secret Cow level of Diablo 2?

Before they can enter this bovine paradise it is necessary to complete this game, and defeated its boss who, in this case is Baal. Apart from defeating this evil demon, players be required to acquire some other items in order to gain access to the Moo Moo Farm, also known as”the Moo Moo Farm.

The first thing that players will have to purchase would be that of the Hordraic Cube. It’s an essential piece in the game, therefore players can take it home as they progress through. This Hordraic Cube can be found in Act 2 of the game. When playing through Level 3 of the Hall of the Dead Level 3 the players will meet Bloodwitch The Wild as well as her pack, who are guarding the chest. It is believed that the Hordraic Cube is inside this chest and the players need to defeat The Super Unique Huntress and the pack in order to obtain the item.

A second important item is Wirt’s Leg It is located in the area where players rescued Decard Cairn at Tristam in Act 1. It’s normal to overlook the item in the beginning of the game, and players are able to easily return to the area , going through Cairns Stones in Stony Fields before navigating the bridge from there to Tristam. Wirt’s Leg can be scavenged from the peg-legged boy’s corpse.

The final piece is the Town Scroll. Every town in the Act has a magical vendor from where the item can be bought.

With all the items in their bags the players now need to travel to the Rogue Encampment and then transmute the Town Scroll and Wirt’s Leg inside the Hordraic Cube. The items can be transmuted at any time, but the portal will only open only in Rogue Encampment. Rogue Encampment, so it’s simpler to complete the transmutation in the encampment in the first place.

After the transformation is completed the red portal will appear within the Rogue Encampment itself. The players will then be able to jump into the portal to confront The Cow King, and the bovines of hell!

The overall mechanics and the goal remain the same in Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Resurrected, Blizzard Entertainment has tweaked the difficulty slightly in the second game. In the previous games, gamers could only farm the level only once on one difficulty. So that if a player plays Moo Moo Farm on Normal difficulty the only way for them to be able to play the game again is to beat the game at the higher difficulty.

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When playing Diablo 2: Resurrected, players can go to this area as often as they’d like, depending on the level of difficulty they’re in. This is an advantage for players because it is the best place to farm within the game.

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