X-Mania’s Free Fire ID, stats, income, real name, most watched videos, and more in January 2022

Hemant Vyas is better known as the YouTube channel X-Mania is an Indian creator of content who creates a variety of Garena Free Fire-related content. He also has competed in several esports events and his dazzling gameplay and humorous comments on his videos have earned him a huge following.

He has a current number of subscribers in the range of 1.9 millions to his channel on YouTube. In addition, the total number of views is 134.76 millions.

“X-Mania’s” Free Fire ID and stats (2022)

“X-Mania’s” Free Fire ID is 97762833 Here are his numbers at the time of writing 8 January

Lifetime statistics

X-Mania has played at 12702 matches for the squad with 3349 victories, giving him the rate of winning of 26.39 percent. He has amassed the sum of 38755 kills, which translates to an K/D ratio that is 4.14.

In duo mode, the well-known figure remains unbeaten during the 547 of 3329 games, and has the winning percentage of 16.43 percent. By having 9713 frags, he boasts an K/D ratio in the range of 3.49.

He has been able to make 3110 appearances in games played solo and has beaten his opponents on more than 440 occasions, which has resulted in an overall win rate of 14.14 percent. He has racked up the number of 8798 eliminations, which is an K/D ratio in the range of 3.30.

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Statistics ranked

Hemant has been a part of 56 games for the squad and is the proud owner of Six first-place finishings for the ranking season, and an average win rate of 10.71 percent. With a K/D rate at 3.68, he has an impressive 184 kills.

The streamer is a participant at the two duo games and taken home five fragments with the ratio of K/D that is 2.50.

This creator played one single solo game, but was unable to score a win or the kill.

Note: The statistics for X-Mania can change, and were not available at the time of writing.

X-Mania’s income

The earnings of X-Mania’s yearly and monthly installments are somewhere between 320$ between $320 and $5.1K, and $3.8K and $61.4K, respectively.

(Source: Social Blade)

Most-watched videos

The most watched X-Mania videos:

1.) Grandmaster In 16 hours With Wu-Kong (12 million viewers)

2) ONLY M1873 CHALLANGE || SOLO VS SQUAD RANK MATCH #FreeFire (8.9 million views)

3) Xmania vs Ajjubhai vs Amitbhai Vs PAHADI Best Collection versus Ever !! #Xmania #FreeFire (4.4 million views)

YouTube channel

X-Mania has been running his channel for many years, uploading regularly new videos and streaming battle royale titles. His channel is currently home to 162 videos, the earliest of which was uploaded in July, 2019:

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