Meow 16K: In talks with Indian Women’s CSGO Professional Player

Today we have Saloni “Meow 16k” Pawar with us. Let me tell you a little bit about it. She is an Indian professional streamer and CSGO video player for Global ESports. So, without further ado, let’s get started

GC: Let’s start with your early life so how was it?

Saloni: My early life was very ordinary. Since my school days I loved watching video games that my brother used to play but I never tried them by playing at that time,

Until there was this time when I was bored and had nothing to do, so I started CS 1.6 offline with bots.

And she actually managed to play it well. When I told my brother that I played CS 1.6 and managed to score a good number, he made fun of me and didn’t believe me.

So, I promised him that, one day, I would defeat him. There is where my journey began.

GC: What motivated you to start live streaming and choose CSGO as your main goal

Saloni: This was in 2016 when broadcasting was not popular in India.

A friend of mine suggested me to start broadcasting. I love doing experiments, so I started streaming just to get an experiment and got a satisfactory response from the community.

I always wanted to be a professional CSGO player but wasn’t very good at the time, so I decided to learn the game and reflect it in my streams.

GC: How does it feels to be the face of Indian Women’s CSGO as I have not seen any other Indian girl CSGO streamer.

Saloni: Honestly, it’s a strong feeling but at the same time I would like more female participation in and flow of CSGO. Meow 16K: Indian CSGO Player and Streamer

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GC: Define Saloni in 3 words

Saloni: stubborn, assertive, lazy. (It’s a deadly group haha)

GC: is there any special boy in your life?

Saloni: I’m actually not open to my own situation in my life.

GC: Now first of all Congratulations for winning Central Asia qualifiers for Legion. So, my question is what was your strategy in-game.

Saloni: Thank you very much. Frankly, there was no such strategy. We formed this team two days before the start of the qualifiers.

I didn’t even know my teammates and their playing styles. I think the best strategy within us was communication and synergy within the game.

GC: What is your take on Indian E-sports scene and what are your future plans in it.

Saloni: I think esports in India has been on the rise lately, faster than ever. This may be due to the introduction of mobile gaming as a platform in esports.

I look forward to further investing in my team and entering a full competition in the future to represent India

GC: What would be your advice for new E-sports enthusiasts who are looking for a career in E-sports?

Saloni: The best advice I can give new esports enthusiasts from my personal experience is to seek Guardian support first.

If you get the approval of your parents, then half of your problems will be solved there by itself. Then, all you have to do is pick a part of the esports that you love, which can be streaming, professional gameplay, management etc. and work hard for it in the right way.

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GC: What is your version of “Growth” in Livestream, is it more donations & subscriptions or it is Views and chats.

Saloni: My version of “growth” in broadcasting has always been the number of loyal viewers and active conversations I have. I also think this should be the perfect growth release for all streaming devices.

GC: In your Early days of live streaming did you face any restrictions, if yes then how did you tackle them?

Saloni: Yes, there were a lot of obstacles throughout the trip.

One of the most important things I remember is my parents and their approach to my passion.

My parents didn’t understand exactly what I was doing when I said I was broadcasting.

So, they used to come to my room frequently and yell at me while I was live on YouTube.

There it was this time, I decided it should stop now. So, I spent two hours with my parents, getting them to understand what, why and how broadcasting is done.

I also showed them a few hit streams and they really liked it. Now they support me so much that they helped me build a computer with a good configuration so that my streaming runs smoothly.

GC: What is the story behind “Meow 16k” why Meow?

Saloni: It’s ‘meow’ because I’m afraid of cats and ’16K’ because I was 16 when I started playing CSGO, it was 2016 and the maximum money you could get in CSGO was 16K.

GC: What is the one thing you would like to change about the current Indian gaming industry and why?

Saloni: It’s very sad to break it this way but I think people in Indian society should start respecting,

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Appreciate and support people who contribute to esports rather than hate and talk trash.

We are part of the same gaming community, so why not support each other? It will help in the growth of esports in India.

GC: Lastly, any message for your subscribers?

Saloni: If you want to be successful in any field, be persistent

Because you won’t succeed in a day or two unless you get lucky. Work for what you dream of, only then you will deserve to achieve success.

This is a wrap with Saloni Pawar aka Miu 16k. Be sure to subscribe to her channel and also subscribe to her newsletter.

Let me know in the comments section who you want to see next and what questions you want to ask them.

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