How To Get Top Free & Paid BGMI Gun Skins

BGMI gun skins are varied and gorgeous, yet they don’t alter the statistics that the firearm has. Here are the top gun skins and the best ways to obtain the best ones.

BGMI gun skins come in a variety. They may be inexpensive or even free. However, the skins for weapons in BGMI as well as PUBG Mobile will not cause changes to the weapon’s stats. This ensures the integrity that the player enjoys. However, gun skins for BGMI are worth it. Read this guide on how to obtain these skins for guns and find the best gun skins you can join BGMI 2021 here.

I. How To Get All Gun Skins In BGMI

BGMI as well as PUBG Mobile developers frequently release new gun skins each season and then update. There are thousands of gun skins available in these two mobile games available for players to download and use today. These are all stunning and worth the investment, regardless of whether they’re free or costly. Let’s look at how you can purchase or obtain the gun skins from BGMI at no cost here.

1. Buy Paid BGMI Gun Skins

Paid gun skins from BGMI are amazing. To acquire these skins you have to pay cash for them either through direct purchase or via indirect. There are a few ways to purchase these skins paid for by BGMI directly using cash.

  • You can purchase gun skins through the Elite Royale Pass: BGMI players must pay cash in order for the upgrade to Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. With the Elite Pass, players will receive a variety of themed skins, such as weapons skins. For instance, you could obtain the Chrono Cyborg AKM skin when upgrade to Elite Pass in BGMI C1S2 Temporal Warrior right now.
  • Purchase Packages to obtain exclusive skins. There are treasure packs that will cost you UC.
  • You can top the UC using BGMMI in order to unlock crates, and then get random skins for weapons. The skins for weapons are usually scarce. Additionally, a lot of these skins will be replaced with new skins with each update.
  • Use UC to win Lucky Spins to earn gun skins.
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You must pay cash and then top up UC for gun skins using these methods.

2. Get Free Gun Skins In BGMI

Alongside the costly gun skins as well as expensive skins for guns BGMI Additionally, you are able to obtain several gratis gun skins. This means you don’t have to shell out money to purchase the BGMI gun skins. Find out how to obtain free skins for your BGMI gun in 2021..

  • Use Silver coins from the Redeem Shop. BGMI offer an Redeem Shop with a lot of skins and bundles for backpacks, parachutes and weapons and more. It is not necessary to have UC to shop at the shop. The currency that is used in the BGMI Redeem Shop is the silver coins which can be earned by daily login rewards, game-related activities and the tier rewards. The gun skins available in the shop are regularly updated. For instance, Lilac Attack VSS, Pink N Green DBS, Poison Fang SLR, and many more gun skins have recently been added.
  • Free Royale Pass also includes a wide variety of themes for gun skins. You have to finish RP tasks in order to accumulate RP points, then rank up and earn the rewards.
  • Each season with the reward tier. The players will receive an individual gun skin each season as they reach the Diamond level.

Additionally, there are certain events that reward players with time-limited or permanent gun skins. The likelihood of getting permanent skins is extremely low.

  • How do you get free skins of guns on BGMI?
  • How do you get a permanent gun skin in BGMI?
  • Can we send gun skins in BGMI?
  • How do you get free gun skins in Valorant?
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II. Best BGMI Gun Skins Free

There are numerous gun skins you can download for free on BGMI right now. Take a look at the top three free gun skins on Battlegrounds Mobile India that are the most popular.

#1. C1S2 – Groza

C1S2 Groza is the most rare free gun skin that you can get in circle 1 season 2. It is only available when you reach the Diamond level in this season. After C1S2 has ended and you are no longer able to receive this skin for your gun. Make sure to rank up quickly and earn this reward before the season begins.

#2. Pinpoint Slaughter – Skorpion

Pinpoint Slaughter can be described as the free skin for guns for Skorpion. It’s available for purchase at level 35 during the Free Pass of Temporal Warriors season. This gun skin looks attractive and is very is extremely dangerous.

#3. Lilac Attack – VSS

Lilac Attack The Lilac Attack skin is the brand new gun skin available in the Redeem Shop. The gun skin makes VSS’s semi-sniper VSS more impressive.

III. Top Paid BGMI Gun Skins

If you are able to afford to purchase the Elite Pass, you will be able to win the gun skin with a theme in C1S2. Additionally, you can spend UC to buy upgradeable skins for weapons from various Crates that are available in the game.

#1. Footlong – Mini 14

The cool skin for the gun is Footlong. It’s of the famous DMR Mini-14 that players can purchase through C1s2’s Elite Pass in C1s2. It is a striking design. Do you remember seeing a firearm that has the size of a hotdog connected to it?

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#2. Deadly Precision – Beryl M762

Deadly Precision is an upgradeable gun skin that can be used with an AR-powered M762. It is luxurious and has a stylish appearance. You can also get additional outcomes by upgrading inside the laboratory.

#3. Glacier – M416

Glacier skin has always been an extremely favored skins for guns in PUBG Mobile India. It was first introduced quite a while ago, however Glacier isn’t yet replaced since a large portion of players still have a passion for it.

These are among the most popular BGMI gunskins. You can top up UC to purchase gorgeous and expensive skins or complete missions for free skins prior to being replaced.

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